Best Starting Mask in Soulmask - Civilization, Conquest or Rich

Choosing the best starting mask in Soulmask, Civilization, Conquest or Rich, can be pretty difficult. I mean, it will determine what your character is going to be like, after all. Not that you’ll be rigidly tied to that choice, but it will funnel you towards a certain style of play, especially in the beginning stages. So, yeah, it’s a really important choice. In this guide, we will explain what each mask does; that way, you can choose more easily.

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best starting mask in soulmask civilization conquest or rich
Best Starting Mask in Soulmask – Civilization, Conquest or Rich

Which Starting Mask to Choose in Soulmask – Civilization, Conquest or Rich

The best starting mask to choose in Soulmask – Civilization, Conquest or Rich – depends on which play style you want to pursue. See, the masks are, broadly speaking, the game’s version of classes. Civilization is basically the Fighter, Conquest is the Rogue, and Rich is like the Ranger (as in, mains bows). This is clear from the various bonuses you get as you repair and upgrade your mask. We’ll give you a list of the basic boosts you get below, so you can make an informed choice.

  • Civilization
    • Common Overclock – Repair it to increase the mask upgrade speed by 50%
    • Stamina Surge – Repair it to get Stamina +5, Max Load +10
    • Deep Sleep – Repair it to get +50% to Morale Recovery Speed during sleep
    • Critical Barrier – Repair it to get 10% less damage to your head
    • Outer Armor – Repair it to reduce the Body’s DMG taken by 5%
    • Active Thinking – Repair it to increase Awareness EXP acquisition by 30%
    • Healer Mode (Mimicry) – Resilience of all body parts +5%, Microscopic Repair active skill (recovers 5 HP every second)
  • Conquest
    • Common Overclock – Repair it to increase the mask upgrade speed by 50%
    • Falling Buffer – Repair it to reduce Fall DMG by 10%
    • Noise Absorption – Reduces noise you make by 10%
    • Forbidden Territory – Awareness EXP gained from killing humanoid creatures increased by 5%
    • Light Disturbance – Concealment increased by 10%
    • Hidden Assault – DMG dealt to the target from behind increased by 10%
    • Slayer Mode (Mimicry) – Each strike in Mimicry mode grants 1.5% Lifesteal effect, Critical Strike active skill (20% chance to quickly reduce target’s Resilience when launching attacks against creature’s key parts)
  • Rich
    • Common Overclock – Repair it to increase the mask upgrade speed by 50%
    • Data Analysis – Enables real-time perception of the distance from target
    • Projectile Adjustment – Increases arrow precision by 10%
    • Hunting Guide – Awareness EXP from killing non-humanoids increases by 5%
    • Poison Injection – Poison smeared on arrow deals 30% higher damage to creatures
    • Deeply Focused – Reduces Stamina cost by 5% during work or combat
    • Sniping Mode (Mimicry) – Damage dealt by bows increases by 15%, Weak Spot Analysis Active Skill (higher chance to hit weak spots when attacking, Crit increased by 5%)
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