Where to Find Flint in Soulmask

It seems like a number of players can’t seem to find flint in Soulmask. And honestly, I don’t blame you. The game is not exactly great at communicating what it wants, and in this case, it can seem like you need flint to craft the tool necessary to harvest flint. That would be a bit of a problem, right? Fortunately, that’s not the case. Here’s what you actually need to do.

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where to find flint in soulmask
Where to Find Flint in Soulmask

How to Get Flint in Soulmask

To find get flint in Soulmask, you first need to make a stone pickaxe. To do that, you just need one branch and one stone. I know, the game kinda makes it seem like you need flint to craft the pickaxe, but you actually don’t. You can use either stone or flint, so stone will have to do. Now, all that’s left to do is start breaking boulders with your new tool. Well, larger rocks in general, you understand what I mean. Most of them will give you at least some flint, along with more stone. I’m not aware of any type of boulder that might drop more or less flint; if there are any differences, let me know in the comments and I’ll amend the guide. But I think it’s all the same.

how to get flin in soulmask
Break boulders with your pickaxe

And, yeah, that’s how you get and find flint in Soulmask. As for the exact locations, well, any big rock will do, especially the really large boulders. I’m not aware that any particular region is better for mining flint than the others. The boulders that are in the starting area will be plenty enough for your initial needs. But really, the only major problem is figuring out that you don’t need flint to craft your first stone pickaxe. You do need some to repair it, though, but by that time, you should have flint on hand. And for whatever else you need it. That’s all you need to know.

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