How to Restore Soulmask Mask Energy

Knowing how to restore your mask energy in Soulmask is really important. After all, using your mask’s powers is one of the most integral mechanics in the game. It’s what sets it apart from the ocean of other survival games. But every time you do, the mask’s energy goes down. And sleeping doesn’t replenish any. Instead, you have to find and use a specific resource. And that’s exactly what we’ll be talking about in this guide, so let’s get right into it.

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how to restore soulmask mask energy
How to Restore Soulmask Mask Energy

How to Restore Mask Energy in Soulmask

To restore your mask energy in Soulmask, you need to consume Sunstones. You can find them by looting chests in the ancient ruins dotted around the map. That sounds easy enough, right? Sure, but here’s where the rub lies. When you pick up these items, you see it’s called “Sunstone (not enough energy).” Which to anybody would imply that you can’t use them until they’re recharged somehow. But if you read the description more closely, you’ll see that it will still restore a hundred “units” of energy. So, if you’re running low, consume one to get some power back. Easy-peasy.

And, yea, that’s how you restore mask energy in Soulmaks; at least in the beginning stages. I don’t know whether there are stronger Sunstones as you keep progressing; I assume so, because you’ll probably need more resources as you continue upgrading the mask. Whatever the case may be, it’s always going to be Sunstones of some description. Which is why we recommend always having a couple on hand. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you need your mask and it’s dead. Oh, and Sunstones only drop from ruins as far as we know. Maybe there are other sources, but we don’t know about them yet. We’ll add more info if and when we come across it.

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