South Park Fractured But Whole Best Artifacts - Deep Seated Power Trophy

Artifacts are equipment in South Park: The Fractured But Whole. As you progress through the main story, you’ll unlock more and more artifact slots, which will allow you to equip them. When you do, they’ll increase your stats. Depending on your play style, you might favor items that increase your might level, or you may go for those that affect stats like health or brawn. There’s also the option to focus on team bonuses. If you manage to increase your might by 600 by equipping artifacts, you’ll unlock the Deep Seated Power achievement. Since you can only use the cream of the crop if you want this particular trophy, we’ve decided to write a guide about South Park Fractured But Whole best artifacts, detailing their locations and stats.

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south park fractured but whole best artifacts deep seated power trophy
South Park Fractured But Whole Best Artifacts – Deep Seated Power Trophy
Note: This guide is under construction, and will be constatnly updated until we find the very best items.

Best starting artifacts

As you get initiated into the Coon & Friends, you’ll get the Junior Coon Friend Gyro. Since it’s the first item you can get, you can’t expect it to be any good. However, if you hop on over to Kyle’s house, you can get a much better one as soon as you have the Snap & Pop ability. Go inside the house and climb upstairs. Head into Kyle’s parents’ bedroom, and look at the shelf on the left, near the window. You’ll see a golden statue on top of it, which you can get down by throwing a firecracker at it.

pride of nippopolis artifact

The statue is called the Pride of Nippopolis. It will give you 25 might, +2 to brains, brawn and spunk, as well as 18 additional health. As far as team bonuses are concerned, it’ll grand you +105% knockback combo damage. It’s a great starter item, and you can have it as soon as gain access to an artifact slot.

Best major artifacts

You can find the Luminous Enigma (83) in the yellow box in Jimmy’s garage. You’ll need Toolshed to clear out the lava in front of the door. If you’ve got Human Kite in your team, you can grab the Effigy of the Moon (66) from the roof of the Photo Dojo, west of the playground.

Human Kite can also help you grab the NeoConomicon (68) from the school. It’s on the right side of the balcony in the main hall. There’s another one in the Main Street Offices. Go inside, and into the large room on the right. Approach the hot tub filled with poop, and call Toolshed to help you with the valve. This will make a yellow bag shoot out of the poop and onto the floor. If you open it, you’ll find the Crack’d Beholder (95).



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    Sean Just Sean

    Is there an upgraded version of Alien Probe Mk. 2? I really like the stacking Status Effect build but for some reason there aren’t a lot of artifacts that boost this team bonus significantly.

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    FYI, the hottub is not filled with poop, it’s KFC gravy. From the crack baby basketball episode.

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    FYI, the “poop hot tub” is actually KFC gravy.

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