South Park Fractured But Whole Errors, Crashes, Black Screen

South Park: The Fractured But Whole was released a few days ago, and a lot of players are having trouble with it. There aren’t many common issues – most people complaining about bugs have been experiencing weird, singular issues. Bad performance, crashes and black screen freezing have been happening to more than a few people, however. These South Park Fractured But Whole errors and problems can sometimes be avoided or fixed, but most of them will have to be addressed with a patch.

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south park fractured but whole errors problems
South Park Fractured But Whole Errors, Crashes, Black Screen

Save glitch – infinite save symbol

There’s a glitch with the saving system – it will sometimes get stuck after you save, displaying the symbol in the lower right corner indefinitely. When this happens, you won’t be able to save manually, nor automatically. This means you’ll lose any progress you make after that point. Keep an eye on the corner, and if you see the symbol doesn’t disappear after saving, restart the game as soon as possible, to minimize your losses.

Ubisoft Club rewards not showing up

There have been complaints about rewards from UbiClub not showing up in the game. Every item you spend your Ubi points on an item, it will show up in the toy chest in your house. However, there’s a bug that sometimes prevents these from showing up. Just keep checking periodically – they should appear after a while.

Stuttering, freezing, lag & other performance issues

Some PC players have been experiencing performance issues with the new South Park game – things like stuttering, freezing and lag. If you end up having some of these problems, you should first check if your PC is using the integrated graphics processor from your CPU/motherboard. If it is, force the game to use the discrete one. Other than that, there’s not much you can do – make sure your drivers are up to date as well.

Black screen on startup

Loads of PC players are being greeted by a black screen as soon as they start the game. It’s a fullscreen bug that stems from resolutions settings, and it’s rather easy to solve – simply press Alt+Enter. This will force the game into windowed mode, letting you set the resolution to the desired value, then revert back to fullscreen. Alternatively, you could find a config file and tweak the resolution settings. Some people report launching the game from Uplay helped, too.

Audio crackling and not syncing with image

Most users who’ve complained about audio issues were playing on laptops. It seems to be a weird performance issue, as some report turning down the resolution and other video settings helps.

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