South Park Fractured But Whole Church Back Room Password Location

The church back room is a place that holds some useful items in South Park Fractured But Whole. However, the room is locked. You need to find the correct password in order to open it. Fortunately for you, the password for the door is not far away. Read on to find out where to find church back room door password in South Park Fractured But Whole.

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South Park Fractured But Whole Church Back Room Password Location
South Park Fractured But Whole Church Back Room Password Location

Church Back Room Door Passcode Location

The passcode to the Fractured But Whole church back room door can be found in the office of Father Maxi. That’s the door on the opposite side of the church altar. When you go inside this room, you’ll notice a Bible on the pedestal. Approach it and leaf all the way through. The final page will have a church, with post-its saying Church and Steeple. One more page flip, and Jesus will appear from the church, revealing the password – “Kneel Before Jesus”.Now that you have the password, head over to the keypad. You need to type in “Kneel Before Jesus”. In other words, you need to enter 6-8-1, then hit the green Enter button. Once inside, there are several useful items you can find in there. Look for the Yaoi Art Piece collectible, as well as the Amulet of Contemplation artifact. For more info on the game, check out our other South Park Fractured But Whole guides.

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