South Park Fractured But Whole Stuck At First Toilet

While playing South Park: The Fractured But Whole, you’ll spend a lot of time on the toilet. Using the toilet bowl is a mini-game, like Guitar Hero but with your backside instead of an instrument. The game even opens with you sitting on the toilet. In the PC version, the instructions seem to be a bit unclear, as a number of players have reported being stuck on first toilet in South Park Fractured But Whole. We’re going to show you how to get off the toilet bowl here, and hopefully help you get out of your predicament.

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south park fractured but whole stuck at first toilet
South Park Fractured But Whole Stuck At First Toilet

How to get off a toilet in the PC version?

In order to get off a toilet in the PC version of the game, you have to press S and down arrow, then Y.The mini-game ends by dropping a log into the bowl. When you’re playing on console, most of it is done using the analogue sticks. If you’re using the keyboard and mouse, the arrow keys and WASD are used instead of the sticks. It’s not a perfect system (it’s not even a particularly good system), but it works. However, it seems like the prompts aren’t displaying properly for many players – instead of showing them the correct combination, it just tells then to press down and Y.

But wait, there’s more! It would appear the PC version actually has some serious plumbing issues – some people have been complaining that even the correct button combination doesn’t work for them. There are some who can’t start the game because they’re stuck on a toilet through no fault of their own. Some players say that plugging in a controller for this section solved the problem, so if you have one, it’s worth a try. If you’re affected by this issue, it’s best that you contact Ubisoft’s support – the sooner they know, the sooner they can start fixing it.



  1. T

    i cannot press the Y button
    and its working on my keybord

    1. T

      I have exactly the same problem

    2. J

      Same problem and i hate it!!!!!

      1. K

        just so you guys know i’ve encountered this problem as well but i know the issue, all your keyboards are ghosting and you can’t press a certain amount of keys at one time, you either need a controller or a new keyboard

    3. M

      Release S and down button before pressing y. If you’re fast enough (not hard) the mini game will start.

      1. M

        Dude thank you so much,i wouldnt go past the first goddamn mission i you didnt solve the problem

      2. J

        Thanks a lot , this worked !

  2. D

    You gotta use WASD and arrow keys BOTH before Y becomes active.

  3. G

    The Y button combo did not work for me too, had to resort to using a controller to pass the stage.

  4. I
    I, J

    I’m also stuck at the toilet. I’m holding down the correct WASD and arrow keys and pressing Y, but nothing happens.

    1. I
      Izaac Sims

      Its becuase you are only able to push 2 keys at once

  5. R

    Guys, how to use high level toilets in PC version.? When it’s about to use two buttons from WSAD and another two from arrow in the same time I can’t do anything. How to use that four buttons properly?

  6. D

    Just go to options on the menu screen and change your ‘y’ key to say a ‘5’. For me this worked pretty well, at least it got me out of the first minigame xD

  7. T

    You can fix it with on-screen keyboard,for example tap on your keyboard s and arrow-down and with mouse tap on on-screen keyboard y.P.S you need to be in windowed mode…

  8. C

    I had the same problem where my keyboard only let me press two buttons at once. I binded Y to my mouse and it worked

  9. J

    The prompts are not appearing for me…prob not gonna appear for the whole game so…gonna have to youtube the toilet moves one by one -.-

  10. M

    It’s worked for me. You push down S and the down button. Then quickly release and push Y. If you’re fast enough (not hard) then the mini game will start 🙂

  11. R

    “How to get off a toilet in the PC version? ” “it’s best that you contact Ubisoft’s suppor”

    great, thanks………..

  12. C

    just put the game on window mode and then open on screen keyboard then pres s and down on your keyboard and click y at the dame time

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