South Park Fractured But Whole Death Store Riddle Solution

Death Store riddle is one of the puzzles you’ll have to solve in South Park: The Fractured But Whole. It’s part of To Catch A Coon, the game’s main mission, so there’s no way to miss or avoid it. You’ll get the riddle from Conner, and you’ll have to figure out which locations it points to, then go there and engage in some social media shenanigans. Quest markers are disabled for this step, so you’re on your own. If you get stuck with this riddle, scroll down for our South Park Fractured But Whole Death Store Riddle Solution guide.

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death store puzzle solution
South Park Fractured But Whole Death Store Riddle Solution

A place where death comes in shapes and sizes. Go into this store to find what your prize is.

south park fractured but whole death store riddle solution

The riddle obviously points to a store, which narrows things down considerably. Since it’s a shop that has to do with death, it can either be a funeral parlor or a weapon store. Both fit the “shapes and sizes” criterion, as well. Since there is no funeral home in South Park (as far as I can tell), you should head on over to Jimbo’s Guns, a weapon store in the northwestern part of town.

The hard part is over. Head to the store and look for a person in a blue shirt. Ned and Jimbo are regulars there, but this guy isn’t. Take a selfie with him (a togethelfie), and this particular quest step will be end. This isn’t the end of your troubles, though, as you’l have to solve the Happiness Reigns riddle as well. It’s pretty much on the same level as this one – if you got stuck solving Death Store, you’ll get stuck on the other one as well. Once both of them are out of the way, you can get back to regular ol’ questing.


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