South Park Fractured But Whole Side Quests

Apart from the main story, which follows the Coon and Friends as they build their franchise, there are also side quests in South Park: The Fractured But Whole. They’re wholly optional, but if you finish them, you’ll end up with more gear, more achievements, and most importantly, more SP gags (which is why you bought the game in the first place). Some of them are quite difficult, either to find or to complete, so we’ve decided to write this South Park Fractured But Whole side quests guide, to help you start/finish these tasks.

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south park fractured but whole side quests
South Park Fractured But Whole Side Quests
Note: To complete side quests, you’ll often need help from your buddies. More importantly, you’ll need an ability called FartKour. It is unlocked after you complete the quest “Alternate Universes Collide Again” for Kyle (the Kite Hero).

Scavenger Hunt: Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Cats

This quest becomes available after the third night. Find and talk to Big Gay Al, who lives in the red house on the central road, east of the Playground. To complete this quest, you’ll need to find and collect six cats, scattered around town.

  1. Big Gay Kirby is in the south, next to the front entrance to Bebe’s house, on a tree branch. To get it down, use firecrackers on the branch. Once the cat is on the ground, TimeFart Pause to grab it before it’s gone.
  2. Big Gay Blossom is in the southeastern part of the map, in the homeless camp area. The cat is on top of a building, and you’ll need to call Kyle. Scan the little fan at the bottom of these ruines, and he’ll come to your aid.
  3. Cat Bono is found on a tree branch, in the western part of the map. It’s by the middle road, close to the Church. Throw a firecracker az the branch, and grab the cat with TimeFart Pause.
  4. Big Gay Shadow is in front of the Bijou cinema, on the northern road. To catch the cat, you’ll need to get close to it, use the TimeFart Pause skill, and grab it while time stands still.
  5. Loki is just east from the South Park Mall, in the northern part of the map. The kitten is in the snow east from the building. TimeFart Pause to grab it.
  6. Kitten Bogie is on the Hillvale Farm, northeastern corner of the map. To get into the farm, you’ll need to move a crate of Memberberries near the Farmer blocking your way. The cat is once again on a tree, close to a sign pointing toward Canada.

Scavenger Hunt: The Headshot Job

This side quest is available from the start, but you’ll need to reach day four in order to complete it. You can start it in the Police Station, which is on the middle street in the western part of town. Enter the building and find a room full of clown pictures. Talk to the guy inside and he will task you with placing eight pictures of his across town.

  1. The first location is just inside the Police Station, near its entrance.
  2. The second one is in front of the Town Hall, just east from the Police station, on a board next to the pathway.
  3. The third one is in Stark’s Pond area, in the west of the middle road. Go into the woods here and find a notice board with lava underneath it. You’ll need Stan’s Toolshed ability to remove the lava and post the picture, which you get after day 3.
  4. The next one is inside South Park Elementary School, in the southwest of the map. Place the photo on the Bull-etins board on the second floor. To get here, you’ll need to use Kyle’s Human Kite Fartkour skill on the little fan in the top left corner.
  5. Head to the Community Center east from South Park Elementary, in the southern street. The photo needs to be placed on a brown board, just behind the speaker’s pedestal.
  6. Find and enter Jimbo’s Gun Shop in the northwestern part of the map. Place the photo on a board just under a moose head trophy.
  7. The next one is inside Peppermint Hippo Strip Club, in the northwestern area. Place the photo on the wall of fame, close to the entrance.
  8. Go inside Tweek Bros Coffee, north from the Playground. The board is just next to the entrance.

For Nippopolis Side Quest

This mission begins after you talk to Kyle’s Dad, who’s sitting on top of the homeless area in the southeastern part of town. To climb on top of this building, you’ll need Kyle’s Fartkour ability. Scan the small fan on the bottom floor just behind the broken car.

Once you get to the top, Gerald Broflovski will ask you for a Cheesing Vial. If you don’t have one in your inventory, go to Stark’s Pond and into the woods. There is a small camp close to the board, where you can find one Cheesing Vial. Give it to Gerald to complete the side quest and unlock him as an ally.

Peppermint Hippo Lost & Found Side Quest

You can start this mission after the second day, when you enter Jimbo’s Gun shop and talk to Jimbo. This shop is located in the northwestern part of town. Jimbo will ask you to find his wallet in the nearby strip club. The wallet is on the table, close to the VIP area. As you complete the quest, you’ll unlock Jimbo and Ned as allies.

Touch The Sky Side Quest

Touch The Sky is available after day four. It is hard to miss it, as you’ll receive a call from Father Maxi about helping someone at Stark’s Pond, in the western part of town. Go to this area, and talk to a guy next to the pond. This will start a short cutscene, followed by a Flappy Bird type of a game. Complete the game, meet Jesus, choose any religion, and the side quest will be over.