South Park Fractured But Whole Selfie Locations & Requirements

South Park: The Fractured But Whole lets you take selfies with the townspeople. Some of them will follow you on Coonstagram after you take a selfie with them, and follower numbers are important for some actions. This means you’ll probably want to take as many selfies as possible. Sadly, some folks aren’t that easy to talk into posing. You’ll have to run errands, acquire powers, or boost your numbers before you get their approval. We’re going to list all selfie locations and requirements in South Park Fractured But Whole here, to help you get as many followers as possible.

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south park fractured but whole selfie locations requirements
South Park Fractured But Whole Selfie Locations & Requirements

Goth kids selfies (Michael, Firkle, Henrietta, Pete)

In order to get the goth kids as followers, you’ll need to complete their quest, which requires the Snap & Pop ability. Go to Henrietta’s house. They’re in her bedroom – talk to them, and they’ll ask you to get them a certain book. It’s hidden in the room across the hall, in the corner on the left. Once you have it, bring it to them and place it into the circle with the pentagram. Then you’ll have to light the five red candles around the room – use the firecracker here. Once the summoning ritual is over, you can take the selfies.

Jimbo selfie

You can make Jimbo take a picture with you by finishing his quest. Talk to him in his store in the northwestern part of town, and he’ll ask you to get his wallet from the Peppermint Hippo. It’s on a table in the middle of the club. Return it to him, and he’ll agree to a selfie.

Kenny’s sister selfie (Karen McCormick)

You can find Karen in Kenny’s house. Before she become willing to cooperate, you’ll have to bring her back her doll. The doll is located in the police station – it’s on the couch of the soft room where you meet Mr Adams, the guy who start the Headshot quest.

Mr & Mrs Hankey selifes (Christmas poo and his wife)

You can find Mr Hankey in the women’s toilet at the Community Center. You’ll need to move the garbage bin to discover the crack on the wall. Break it, then call Toolshed to work his magic. He’ll help you cause a poo blast that will reveal the Christmas poo on the toilet seat. Mrs Hankey is found in pretty much the same way, only in the bathroom at Stan’s house.

Jimmy’s dad selfie (Mr Valmer)

Jimmy’s dad isn’t hard to find – he’s at Jimmy’s house, in the kitchen. However, in order to get a selfie with him, you’ll need to discover all Fast Travel locations in town. Simply talk to him afterwards, and you’ll get a new follower.

Raisins kids selfies (Fosse, Billy, Brimmy, Francis, Proche, Louis, Jason)

This bunch of kids is chillin’ at Raisins. You won’t be able to get them all before you have all the powers. Every kid likes a particular set, and you’ll have to talk to them to figure out their favorites. Once you equip someone’s favorite, they’ll agree to take a selfie with you.

Who can you take selfies with?

You can take selfies with a lot of people in South Park. Everyone with a name will be up for it, but you might have to work for it first. Since there are so many of them, we won’t mention the ones that only require you to talk to them first, focusing instead on those with real requirements. We’ve compiled the data in a table, listing the names, locations and requirements of selfie targets.

Kevin StoleyIn front of your houseNeed 3 followers
JohnnyIn front of Butters’ houseNeed 4 followers
AndreIn front of Cartman’s houseNeed 5 followers
Butters’ momButters’ houseNeed 9 followers
Butters’ dadButters’ houseNeed 10 followers
ShellyStan’s houseNeed to be level 7 influencer
FilmorePlaygroundNeed a selfie with Ike first
Mr TweekTweek Bros Coffee ShopBuy an item from him
Grandpa MarshStan’s houseBuy a condom for him from Unplanned Parenthood
StevePeppermint HippoBuy his CD
DavidD-MobileBuy a contract from him
MercedesRaisinsBuy a pass
LexusRaisinsBuy a pass
PostmanIn front of your houseHit the mailbox
Peter MullenIn fron of Jimmy’s houseDefeat his bully
Father MaxiChurchDefeat priests in church
BebeBebe’s houseCraft a costume set of hers
TriciaCraigh’s houseCollect all yaoi art
JohnsonMayor’s officeNeed a selfie with Mayor first
JansonMayor’s officeNeed a selfie with Mayor first
KarenKenny’s houseBring her the doll from the Police Station soft room
Jimmy’s dadJimmy’s houseFind every fast travel point
KyleKyle’s houseDefeat Human Kite 2 in story mission
Goth kidsHenrietta’s houseComplete their quest
Morgan FreemanFreeman’s TacosComplete taco quest
Mr AdamsPolice StationComplete Headshot Job
Officer MikePolice StationComplete first police quest
Detective MurpyPolice StationComplete first police quest
Sergeant YatesPolice StationComplete all police quests
Officer BarbradyCity WokComplete first police quest
Mrs TweekTweek Bros Coffee ShopComplete Therapy Wars
Mrs TuckerBankComplete Therapy Wars
Jesus???Complete Touch The Sky
CristalCartman’s HouseComplete Big Beatdown
ShawnaCartman’s HouseComplete Big Beatdown
Big Gay AlBig Gay Al’s HouseComplete Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Cats
Mr DonovanSkeeter’s BarComplete Vigilante Marketing
JimboJimbo’s GunsComplete his quest
Kyle’s dadOn the roof near Kenny’s houseComplete his quest
BillRaisinsBe a Blaster
NateRaisinsBe an Elementalist
Mrs StevensD-MobileWear two types of face paint
Mrs HankeyStan’s houseHave Toolshed as a buddy
SimonOn top of Skeeter’s BarFartkour power
DougieButters’ houseHave Prof Chaos as a buddy
BennyBankScore high on the Economic mini-game
Mr MephestoGenetics LabBeat the game



  1. J
    Joseph Cally

    The city work guy need $5000

    1. D
      Danger Dave

      I’m trying to earn the money. I’ve used all my resources and sold what I could and still don’t even have half of what I need for the assassination contract. I’ve beaten everything else in the game.

      1. P

        take all your money, buy ingredients – craft shit, sell shit. pay contract. done. It’s annoying and not worth it.

      2. D

        You don’t need 5k. Just beat 3 battles in the practice arena and you’ll win your contract back

  2. J
    Joseph Cally

    City wok

  3. R

    This list has a lot of people missing. I haven’t even beaten the game and have 110 people on mine. I counted around 65ish on this list. I know I don’t have all of them because I don’t have the Wok guy that you need to pay $5000 to buy off the ninja contract for.

    1. D

      To get 5000 just sell all your common components and buy back this works in any store
      You get money by selling dont nesd to pay 4 buying back it takes some timebut got 6000 in just 15min
      Only components biohazard,scrap,tech,meds and food anything else you sell and buyback you pay 4

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