South Park: The Fractured But Whole Figurines Available

Ubisoft have revealed that a series of figurines modeled after the heroes of South Park: The Fractured But Whole is going on sale. Announced this summer, the figurines of The Coon, Mysterion and Professor Chaos are finally available for purchase from the Ubisoft store. There’s also a trailer to celebrate their release, and show of some more gameplay.

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They’re all three inches high, made by the UbiCollectibles team and South Park Studios together. The Coon is Eric Cartman’s alter ego, wearing a mask, cape and claws while he tries to rid the town of whatever he deems wrong. Which is usually the exact opposite of what everyone else thinks is wrong. Professor Chaos is Butters Stotch turned evil, with a helmet and gloves made of tin foil. He’s sick of everybody and is hell bent on world domination, as is customary for super villains.

Finally, Mysterion is actually Kenny, and he’s the only one with a proper super power (he can’t stay dead). He wears a hooded cape, a mask and a green, bouncy question mark above his head. He’s also the only one who’s actually interested in stopping bad things from happening to the townsfolk. His figurine is available in both three and six inch versions. Why the other two are limited to the smaller size, we have no idea.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole was supposed to launch this month, but was pushed back. It doesn’t have a firm release date anymore, but it’s definitely going to show up sometime during 2017. It’s always sad when anticipated games get delayed, but it beats getting a buggy, unstable mess of code – a late game beats a broken one. If you’ve already played through The Stick of Truth and watched the latest season of the show, these figurines could help you pass the time while waiting for the game.

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