Spider-Man PS4 How to Open Secret Doors - Wheels Within Wheels

Wheels within Wheels is a mission in Spider-Man PS4. Over the course of the mission, you’ll have to open several secret trap doors around the warehouse. The key to opening secret doors and completing Wheels within Wheels is to find the appropriate circuit breaker. The mission is not too difficult, but could be a little tricky. With that in mind, here’s our guide on how to open secret doors in Spider-Man PS4 Wheels within Wheels.

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Spider-Man PS4 How to Open Secret Doors - Wheels Within Wheels
Spider-Man PS4 How to Open Secret Doors – Wheels Within Wheels

How to Open First Hidden Door in Wheels within Wheels – Spider-Man PS4

To open the first secret door in the Wheels within Wheels mission, you have to find the correct circuit breaker and hit it with your Electric Web. Press R3 to activate your special mask lenses. This will highlight the potential circuit breakers that might open the secret door when you introduce current to them. The exact one you’re looking for is the one above the container with the secret door, on the platform above. Make your way up there, and hit it with the Electric Web to open the secret door.

Wheels within Wheels – Where to Find Second Secret Door?

The second secret door is located in the far corner of the warehouse, on the upper level, across from the first door. So, from the previous secret door, turn around and zip up to the upper level. Then, head left all the way, and you’ll see the scrapes on the floor, which signal the location of the second hidden door in Wheels within Wheels. Complete the prompt the game gives you.

Your next order of business is to help officer Davis up to that floor. Follow the on-screen marker to the large elevator winch. Take aim at it, and hold R1 and L1 to fire your web and pull the wheel. This will bring the officer up to where you are. Follow him to the scrapes on the floor. Time to hit another circuit breaker!

The circuit breaker you’re looking for is up on the roof, way on the other side of the warehouse. So, turn on your Witcher senses, and hop onto the rafters. Walk over to the furthers breaker. Aim your electric web carefully, because there’s a fan in front of the breaker. Fire between the fan blades, and head back down to where officer Davis is.

How to Move Elevator & Solve Secret Trap Door Puzzle – Spider-Man 4 Wheels within Wheels Mission

To solve the final, secret trap door puzzle, you once again have to get a circuit breaker. And, as is the case with all the previous secret doors, it just can’t be nearby. Instead, the circuit breaker location is on the lower level, next to the other elevator, to the right of where you currently are.

The only catch here is that the breaker is blocked by the elevator. However, you know exactly what to do, since you’ve already helped officer Davis up to the higher level. So, look up to the elevator winch, press and hold L1 and R1, and Spidey will pull the elevator up, revealing the circuit breaker. Hit it with your electric web, and help officer Davis lift the trap door. Good luck on your way!

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