Spider-Man PS4 How to Solve Statue Puzzle Don't Touch The Art Mission

Don’t Touch the Art is a mission in the new Spider-Man game on the PS4. It has a puzzle in it, where Mary Jane has to manipulate a statue to open a secret compartment. The game does give you clues on how to complete the statue puzzle in Don’t Touch the Art, but it can still be a bit of a problem. So, with that in mind, here’s our guide in how to solve statue puzzle in Spider-Man Don’t Touch the Art mission.

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Spider-Man PS4 How to Solve Statue Puzzle Don't Touch The Art Mission
Spider-Man PS4 How to Solve Statue Puzzle Don’t Touch The Art Mission

How to Beat Nio Statue Puzzle in Spider-Man Don’t Touch The Art Mission

To complete the Nio Statue puzzle in the Don’t Touch the Art mission, you’ll have to manipulate the statue’s articulated points, so that it ends up in a specific pose. Fortunately, the office that you’re in gives you all the clues you need in order to complete the puzzle. The pamphlet on the desk shows you the pose, and what the statue has to hold in its left hand. The book verbally describes the pose, and the photo on the wall also shows you part of the pose. So, approach the statue and interact with it to start solving the puzzle. Here’s the solution, step by step.

Turn the head to your right. Close the mouth. Lift the hand on your left up. Lift the forearm on your left up. Pull the arm on your right down. That’s the pose, but there’s still something missing. So, hop over to the display case at the far end of the room. There are five artifacts to choose from. The one you need is the short one with two spearheads on either side; on the far right. Pick it up, and place it in the statue’s left hand (your right).

If you’ve done everything right, a hidden drawer will open to reveal a secret compartment, where Fisk is hiding some interesting stuff. From there, just watch the cutscene, and get ready to take control of Spider-Man again.

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