Star Wars Battlefront II Collectibles locations - All Hidden Items in missions

In Star Wars™ Battlefront 2 you’ll come across 23 hidden collectibles in single player missions. They are dark-gray metal boxes scattered throughout seven of the main mission areas. Collecting all hidden items rewards you with 25 crafting parts per mission. These are important for upgrading your star cards and improving your abilities in multiplayer. Unfortunately, it seems you’ll not be rewarded with any trophy or achievement on either PS4, Xbox or PC, for finding them all. You can usually spot them from a distance, since all collectibles are marked with a blue circle. Once you’re close enough let the droid scan them for you. Some of them are well hidden and on this page we’ll show you how to find them all in each mission.

SW Battlefront 2 Mission 1 The Cleaner Collectibles

You’ll find three collectibles in the Prologue Mission named The Cleaner. Once you collect them all you’ll unlock “Scavenger: The Cleaner” milestone and be able to claim 25 crafting parts from the Career screen.

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#1 collectible . The first collectible you’ll find in the starting room. Look for it in the right corner of the room. Once you reach the box, scan it to add it to your collection.

Prologue The Cleaner collectible

#2 collectible. As you make your way through the rebel ship with the droid, you’ll enter the first bigger area full of patrolling soldiers. You need to get to the other side of the area and if you take the route bellow the platform in the center of the room you’ll come across the second collectible. Use your newly acquired scan ability to see the position of the guards and move your droid slowly. Remember that the droid can fly and you can move above the guards. Collectible is on top of a couple of crate at the center of the area, beneath the yellow-green platform.

SW Battlefront 2 Mission 1 The Cleaner Collectibles

#3 collectible. Once you start controlling Iden sneak through the ship, disabling enemies, until you get ahold of a blaster. You’ll enter a large room with three enemies patrolling the area next. As you enter that room turn left and go along the path until you reach a small corridor in the corner. The collectible is at the end of the corridor.


Battlefront 2 Mission 2 Collectible Locations – the Battle of Endor

#1. As soon as you start the mission on Endor you should see a fallen AT-AT Walker to your right. Go to it, eliminating enemies along the way as part of your mission. There are some crates bellow it and one of them contains the collectible

SW Battlefront 2 Mission 2 the Battle of Endor Collectible Locations no 1

#2. Once you get the objective to reach Platform 4 move along the mission path until you come across a rebel patrol in front of a bunker. Eliminate them and enter the bunker. Beside getting a sniper riffle and barrage ability you can also pick up the hidden collectible.


#3. As you go towards Platform 4 you’ll fight a large group of rebels in front of the fallen Imperial Shuttle. Mission marker takes you past the burning wreckage of the shuttle, but if you go left of it, down a path towards a bunker, you’ll find another collectible.

SW Battlefront 2 the Battle of Endor Collectible 3

#4 Once you finally get to platform 4 you’ll have to fight a large contingent of enemy troops, including an AT-ST. Collectible is under some stairs behind the platform and you best clear out all the enemies before you go get it. Just do it before you use the elevator to reach the upper level.

SW Battlefront 2 the Battle of Endor Collectible 4 location

#5 Last thing for you to pick up in this level is, naturally, at the very end of your Endor mission. You need to reach a Tie Fighter to get off the cursed moon. At one point there will be a rebel ship landing with lots of troops becoming an obstacle between you and your freedom. After you dispose of them, but before you enter the Tie Fighter, look behind the burning wreckage of an X-Wing. There is a crate there with the collectible you’ll need to collect those 25 crafting parts.


Mission 3 Collectible Locations – SW Battlefront 2 – the Dauntless

#1 This mission has a lot of space battle sections, so it is no wonder there are only 2 collectibles for you to find in the short time you’ll spend exploring on foot. First one of them is just as you dock with the rebel ship and are tasked with disabling ion disruptors. Go towards the exit from the hangar, but don’t leave yet. Turn around from the door leading out of the hanger and look up. You should see the blue circle marking the collectible close to the ceiling. Your droid can reach it so just press G on your keyboard (or corresponding action key on your controller) to get it.

the Dauntless collectible 1 star wars battlefront 2

#2 Second, and the last thing you can find in this mission is in the large room where you need to destroy the Ion cannons. To destroy them you need to slice some terminals. Before you do that, go underneath the platform where the terminals are and you should find the crates with the hidden data. Best do this before you start slicing terminals with your droid, because you will have to fight waves of troops at that time.

the Dauntless collectible 2 star wars battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Hidden Item Locations – Mission 5 The Storm

#1 At the start of the mission, after the cut-scene, you’ll get the new objective Reach the Archive. Go up the stairs, and the path will lead you to the right. Once you go through the second door, you’ll see a huge statue. Turn right, and go down the stairs. The box is hidden in a small area enclosed by fence. SW Battlefront 2 collectibles mission 5

#2 Once you exit the building, you’ll come a cross a huge group of enemies. You’ll see a big satellite dish in front of you. Turn left and once you reach the dead end you’ll spot the hidden item to your right, on the boxes. Battlefront 2 collectibles mission 5

#3 Return to the starting point of the previous collectible and go straight ahead. At the end of the path, the campaign will lead you through the door to your left, but before you go through the door, look over the fence and you’ll see a metal construction on the water. The box is laying next to a metal bunker. Battlefront 2 hidden items mission 5

#4 You can get this collectible during the sub-mission “Destroy Anti-Air Weapons” and the objective “Reach Kestro Defense Center”. Go outside the area with the elevators and head up the staircase on the left. When you reach the top, you’ll see another staircase right in front of you. Walk up the first two sets of stairs, then hang a right, and climb two more sets. The, turn left and climb yet another set of stairs. Hang a left there, go up another small staircase, and you’ll see the crate sitting in the corner. where to find fourth collectible sw battlefront 2 the storm

Battlefront 2 Collectibles in Mission 9 Under Covered Skies

#1 From the area where you and Del land your X-Wings, head straight towards the large hangar door. Keep going until you see the second staircase going down on the left. The collectible box is right at the top of said stairs. It’s dark there, so you might miss it. However, the game will give you the prompt to interact with it, so it’s not too hard to notice. under covered skies mission 9 battlefront 2 collectible 1

#2 At the end of the Infiltrate the Overseer’s Tower objective, the Reach The Platform objective starts. As you exit the elevator, there are three doors for you to choose. Head through the one on the right and head outside. Walk onto the balcony, then take the stairs down on the left. There are two huge crates stacked onto each other nearby, and the box with the collectible is on top of them. Send your droid for it. collectible location sw battlefront 2 under covered skies

#3 Climb back onto the balcony described in the entry above. From the top of the stairs, look to the left, and you’ll notice a small building there, with a square entrance. Make your way over there and head inside. This is a storage facility where the collectible is. As you enter, head to the corner on the right, and you’ll easily spot where the collectible is. third collectible battlefront 2 mission 9 location

#4 Starting where we left of with the previous collectible, exit the storage facility through the door on the right. Immediately hang a left and walk towards the huge boiler. Behind it, you’ll see two landed TIE fighters. One is facing towards you, and the other is turned sideways. Head up the stairs towards the one facing your way, and you’ll find the collectible on top of the stairs. sw battlefront 2 under covered skies fourth collectible where to find

Battle of Jakku Mission 11 Collectible Locations

#1 During the “Rescue Captain Lindsey” sub-mission, just as the “Retrieve Binocs” objective starts, you’ll exit your X-Wing. When you do, head a bit forward and climb the small sand dune. Look to the left. A bit in the distance, you’ll spot a crashed supply container. Go toward it and head inside to find the collectible. where to find collectible battlefront 2 mission 11 battle of jakku

#2 At the start of the Find the Detonators objective during Stop the TIE Bombers, you’ll land your X-Wing near the wreckage of a Star Destroyer. On the right side of the entrance into the wreckage, you’ll notice some debris forming a tube-like structure. Go inside and look to the right. You’ll spot the box with the collectible not far off. second collectible location battle for jakku sw battlefront 2

#3 After you complete the Reach the Hangar objective, Plant Detonators will start. Once inside the hangar, walk forwards among the TIE fighters. As you approach the fire, keep your eye on the destroyed platform above. When you come close enough, the game will prompt you to interact with the collectible container that’s up there. battlefront 2 battle of jakku where to find collectibles

SW Battlefront 2 Mission 12 Collectibles – Until Ashes

#1 At the very beginning of this mission, your ship will be shot down and you’ll crash onto the surface of a Star Destroyer, and the “Reach the Bridge” objective will start. If you look to where the objective marker leads you, you’ll notice the flaming engine of your late X-Wing. Head towards it. Once you reach it, inspect the corner where it meets the hull of the Star Destroyer, towards the cannons. That’s where the collectible is hiding. how to get collectible battlefront 2 mission 12 until ashes

#2 The final collectible in this mission, and, indeed, the final collectible in Star Wars Battlefront 2, is pretty easy to find. During the Reach the Bridge objective, the marker will lead you inside the Star Destroyer that you crashed on. As you enter the ship, look to the left. You’ll see a control panel with some crates in front of it on the right side of the catwalk, near the railing. Approach it, and the game will give you the prompt to open the box and pick up the collectible. where to find collectible in sw battlefront 2 until ashes mission

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    Sweet Jesus mate be more specific in your directions and for the 1st “Until Ashes” collectible I have to ask if the author knows what an X-Wing is. There are at least 3 X-Wings crashed on the Star Destroyer and the collectible is located nowhere near any of them. The engine it’s next to is about 3 times the size of an X-Wing. Just call it a “crashed, burning engine”, you’ll save the readers a whole lot of confusion.

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      The first two objectives in this mission can be completed in either order. Whichever objective you reach first will be the active one.

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