Star Wars Battlefront 2 Crafting Parts Location and How to Get Milestones

Crafting Parts in Star Wars Battlefront 2 are an integral part of the game’s progression system. They are extremely important, because they allow you to craft and upgrade Star Cards, as well as weapon mods. In other words, they are essential to your progression through the game in more ways than one. There are different ways to earn Crafting Parts in Battlefront 2. Some are more efficient than others. Because they are so important, we’ve put together our guide on how to get Crafting Parts in SW Battlefront 2.

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Crafting Parts Location and How to Get Milestones
Star Wars Battlefront 2 Crafting Parts – How to Get

How to Get Crafting Parts in Star Wars Battlefront 2?

There are two ways to get Star Wars Battlefront 2 crafting parts, via milestones and through loot crates. The first one is by completing various milestones in both single player and multiplayer. This is a finite way of getting parts, because eventually you’ll run out of milestones to complete. There are daily milestones, but they reward only credits for now. In the following sections we’ll list the milestones that reward crafting parts and sections will be ordered by easier to tougher to complete. The second one is by opening loot crates, because why should you progress in a AAA game by just investing time and skill? Lets involve random number generators. As far as the loot boxes go, they can net you either 45 or 60 Crafting Parts. It’s a fifty-fifty toss-up which one it’ll be. That is, if you get any at all, because not all crates have Crafting Parts in them.

Battlefront 2 Crafting Parts Initial Farming – Single Player Scavenger Milestones

The best way to farm Crafting Parts in Battlefront 2, at least initially, is to complete the single player campaign and getting all the hidden collectibles. This takes about 3-4 hours, depending on the difficulty level you choose. Out of the thirteen missions, counting the prologue, seven of them have collectibles. Finding every collectible in a given level will get you 25 Crafting Parts. So, just by finding all of them through the campaign, you can earn 175 Crafting Parts. Check out our Star Wars Battlefront 2 Collectibles Locations – All Hidden Items guide for detailed instructions on how to find the collectibles. If nothing else, the story kinda hints that it’s connected to the main story of the films, so it’s worth that much.
Total: 175 crafting parts

SW Battlefront 2 Easy Crafting Parts Multiplayer Milestones

There are various multiplayer milestones that reward crafting parts in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Some are easier to get than others. There’s a total of 975 parts from MP milestones, but it will be a very long grind to get all of them. The two easiest ones to complete are defeating 25 enemies, which earns you 100 Crafting Parts, and defeating 25 enemy starfighters, which nets 50 Crafting Parts. (you can complete these together, since killing enemy starfighters counts toward killing enemies).
Total: 150 crafting parts

In Galactic Assault you should play with a single class (Assault, Heavy, or Officer) until you kill 25 enemies and you get 50 crafting parts for completing this with each class. You can also attempt to use the stinger pistol as Specialist to get assist to get another 50 parts. This was not a tough thing to do in MP, so I recommend it.
Total: 200 crafting parts

Crafting Parts in SW Battlefront 2 Arcade Mode – How to Get

Arcade mode lets you play pre-made scenarios, or create your own rulesets for those maps. You can play them solo or in co-op. To get 100 crafting parts you will need to kill 250 enemies with each trooper class (25 parts for each class). This looks like a huge grind, but if you play on easy mode you can blast through this fairly quickly. You can always opt to defeat each map on the highest difficulty while grinding for parts, to complete other milestones, but this might take longer and be more frustrating.
Total: 100 crafting parts

How to complete Hero Milestones in SW Battelfront II Easy?

The answer is to play Heroes vs Villains mode. Each Hero milestones listed below earns you 25 Crafting Parts. The problem in completing them through Galactic assault is that you will have to grind battle points with regular classes until you get to use a hero. Your alternative, and preferred method, is to play Heroes versus Villains game mode. This only lets you play with hero characters and you will unlock each milestone within 20 minutes of playing one hero. Unfortunately, half the heroes are locked and you need tens of thousands of credits to unlock them. I’ll list bellow milestones you can do with already unlocked heroes first, than the locked heroes, and lastly the milestones that are harder to do.

  • Boba Fett – Use Concussion Rocket to blind 25 enemies
  • Rey – Use Insight to reveal 75 enemies
  • Lando Calrissian – Use Disabler ability to Stun 30 enemies
  • Bossk – Use Dioxis Grenades to assist in killing 30 enemies
  • Darth Maul – Use Furious Throw to kill 25 Enemies
  • Kylo Ren – Use Pull ability to pull 50 enemies towards you
  • Han Solo – Use Shoulder Charge to knock down 20 enemies
  • Chewbacca – Play as him for 30 minutes
  • Iden – Kill 50 enemies using Pulse Cannon
  • Leia – Use Flash Grenade to blind 30 enemies
  • Yoda – Use the Dash Attack to defeat 20 enemies
  • Emperor Palpatine – Kill 25 enemies with the Dark Aura ability active
  • Darth Vader – Use Force Choke on 3 Hero characters at the same time
  • Luke Skywalker – Use Push on 5 enemies at the same time

Total: 350 crafting parts

Starfighters Hero ship Crafting Parts Milestones

Like with the hero milestones above, completing these milestones will get you 25 Crafting Parts for every one you complete, for a total of 275. The problem is that there is no dedicated hero ship mode you can farm for them. You will have to play regular starfighter assault until you gather enough battle points and are able to pick a hero ship. Once you do that I recommend you first do the ones that require use of certain ability a number of times. You can go outside of combat area and grind these abilities until you unlock the milestone. Sorry for suggesting this, but this is the quickest way and it is not my fault Dice implemented such a bad progression system. Once you are done with the abilities you can try and get kills with hero ships. This will probably take the longest, if you are not very skilled in space combat. I listed the milestones from the easiest to the hardest in my opinion.

  • Boba Fett’s Slave 1 – Fire the Ion Cannon 25 times
  • Vader’s TIE Figter – Activate the Afterburner ability 25 times
  • Luke’s X-Wing – Use the Jedi Instincts 25 times
  • Kylo’s TIE Fighter – Use the Afterburner ability 25 times
  • Poe’s X-Wing – Use the BB-8 Repair 25 times
  • Yoda’s Interceptor – Use the Afterburner ability 25 times
  • Han’s Millennium Falcon – Use the Dual Concussion Missiles to destroy 50 ships
  • Darth Maul’s Scimitar – Destroy 25 Hero ships with this starship.

Total: 275 crafting parts

SW2 Battlefront II Crafting Parts progression

There you have it – all the ways you can earn crafting parts, with focus being on which milestones to do first and are easier to do. To summerize, you should do the single player campaign first. Do Arcade mode if you don’t mind mindless grinding. You can instead pick one trooper class and play with it for 25 kills, before you move on to the next one. After that go to Heroes vs Villains mode and do unlocked hero milestones. Everything after that is up to your preference and is harder to do. If you unlock a hero with credits go do his milestones. If you play space combat make sure you pick a hero’s ship once you have enough battle points and use that ship’s abilities until you complete a milestone. The last couple of quests will take a while to do and you’ll probably complete them by just playing the game. After completing all these you will just have to rely on dumb luck through loot crates. By this time you should have crafted your most favorite star cards or created essential mods for your weapons. Good luck and may the Force be with you.

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