Star Wars Battlefront 2 How to Download & Start Beta

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is having a beta test at the moment. It’ll open up to the general public in a few days, but for now, only those who’ve preordered are allowed in. However, a lot of players are having trouble accessing the beta, even though it has officialy started. The issues are present both with retail versions, with people not getting the codes they were supposed to, and with digital, where players are wondering how to download Star Wars Battlefront 2 beta in the tangled mess that is the PSN/Xbox store.

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how to start star wars battlefront 2 beta
Star Wars Battlefront 2 How to Download & Start Beta

UPDATE: The open beta should have started on October 6th, 1 AM PDT, but players are unable to access it. We’ve seen reports of it not showing up on PSN and Origin. If you’re trying to download and came here in frustration at the lack of beta, know that you are not alone. Hopefully we’ll have more info shortly.

ORIGINAL TEXT: If you’ve preordered the digital version on console, you’ll have to find the beta manually. The easiest way is to sift through your library, find Star Wars Battlefront 2, then either select extras or make it send you to the game’s store page. If you’re having trouble with this, you can always open up the store and use the search function. Simply typing “star wars battlefront” into the box should make the relevant result pop-up. The beta weighs around 15 GB, so you’ll have to wait a bit. If you’re on Xbox, you might see two betas – one will be unavailable, so go with the one that isn’t.

If you’ve preordered the retail version, you’ll have to contact your retailer and ask for your code. Since you only have two days of early access before everyone gets it, don’t be shy about using every contact method you can scrounge up. There’s even a report of a player successfully getting their code after contacting a Best Buy customer support representative on their forum. Send emails, use Twitter, call them on the phone if you can. Once you’ve got the code, redeem it in your console’s store and do a search for the SWB2 beta, which should now appear.

EA have issued a statement on the matter here. It boils down to this – they’re aware of the problems, and are investigating. Hold onto your codes and hope for the best.

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