SW Battlefront 2 Unplayable After Patch - Star Cards & Progress Reset

Star Wars Battlefront 2 has been patched today, and the update has made things worse for some players. Patch 0.2 was supposed to fix a bunch of issues, but it had the nasty side effect of resetting progress for a lot of people (NOTE: it did not actually reset progress, there was a bug in the UI and no players actually lost anything), including wiping their star cards (NOTE: preventing them from using the unlocked star cards). Sadly, there’s nothing you can do about this – except avoiding the game like the plague until the next patch or hotfix. UPDATE: Most of the problems seem to be fixed now. When the patch was deployed players seemed to have lost their progress and couldn’t equip their star cards. Also, there were severe connection issues. At this time all of these errors seem to be fixed and the game is operational.

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star wars battlefront 2 unplayable latest patch
SW Battlefront 2 Unplayable After Patch – Star Cards & Progress Reset

Here’s the full changelog – it’s a hefty patch, which was supposed to improve the balance and make the game more readable. When we tried running the game after the latest patch was applied, we couldn’t equip or use the star cards. Browsing through the collection would show all the ones we’ve unlocked so far, but there was no way to interact with them or use them. Other players have had similar issues – the official forums are full of angry people complaining about crashes, being unable to launch the game, connection problems and missing star cards.

All three platforms seem to be affected – there’s no escaping it. Technically, you could play with just the basic loadouts and characters, but there’s no telling whether you’ll get back what you lost once the issue is fixed (UPDATE: all of the progress has not been lost and all players may continue as usual). Again, it’s best to refrain from playing until there’s word of a fix.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 has been having a rough time since before launch. Players have been upset about character unlocks for a while now, so EA decided to lower their prices. The whole loot crate situation has attracted the attention of the Belgian Gambling Commision, which is now investigating the game. Shortly after the news spread, EA decided to drop the microtransactions altogether, for now at least. There’s no telling where things’ll go from here, but they can hardly get any worse.

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