Pokemon GO Global Catch Challenge Bronze Rewards Unlocked

Trainers have already unlocked the Bronze Reward tier in the Pokemon GO Global Catch Challenge. This means that players across the world managed to catch five hundred million Pokemon in around 24 hours. To reach the Silver tier milestone, players have to catch a billion more. The final, Gold Reward tier, requires trainers to catch 3 billion Pokemon. Considering the speed at which people caught five hundred million Pokemon, three billion doesn’t seem that impossible anymore.

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Pokemon GO Global Catch Challenge Bronze Rewards Unlocked
Pokemon GO Global Catch Challenge Bronze Rewards Unlocked

Well, time for me to eat my words. In the article I wrote about the Pokemon GO Global Catch Challenge, I expressed my doubts that this event would garner enough attention to be successful. And, initially, it seemed like I was right. The results from the first hours were looking a bit grim. Then, pretty much overnight, the hunt exploded. According to the Pokemon GO Twitter, trainers worldwide have already caught five hundred million Pokemon, and unlocked the Bronze Tier rewards. Now, everybody can enjoy double XP and six-hour Lures, as well as more Pokemon showing up.

Now that the first tier has been unlocked, there’s no doubt that more people are going to join in. If for no other reason, then to benefit from the double XP and increased Pokemon spawns. If people managed to catch over five hundred million Pokemon in about 24 hours or so, then three billion, as daunting as it seems, shouldn’t be as difficult as it appeared to be. That is, of course, if trainers keep catching at this pace. In case you need a reminder, the next, Silver tier requires 1.5 billion Pokemon caught. Once trainers reach the milestone, we’ll also get double Stardust and even more Pokemon appearing. The final reward, for three billion Pokemon caught, is Farfecth’d appearing worldwide and Kangaskhan appearing East Asia for 48 hours. So, trainers of the world, let’s get to it!

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