SW Jedi Fallen Order Bogano Chest In Room With Spinning Fans & Sphere

There’s a chest in a room with spinning fans and a golden sphere, on Bogano, the first planet in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. The room is in the Bogdo Sinkholes area – it’s round, and only accessible via a pipe. When you first get there, you’ll have to use the force to slow the fan that blocks the entrance. Once inside, you’ll notice the chest up on a platform. No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to reach it. This guide will show you how to reach chest in room with spinning ventilators & gold sphere in SW Jedi Fallen Order.

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star wars jedi fallen order chest in room with spinning fans sphere bogdo sinkholes
SW Jedi Fallen Order Bogano Chest In Room With Spinning Fans & Sphere

How to get chest in room with spinning fans and sphere on Bogano?

The chest is plainly visible from the entrance. If you stand on the end of the pipe, in front of the gold ball, you’ll notice it right away. It’s on a platform on the left. Your first instinct will probably be to try to get to the platform, but that won’t work. You can’t jump far enough, and the surrounding vines and handholds are of no help either. We spent far too long trying to get onto the platform from there, when the answer is to go outside and reach it from behind.

Leave the room and follow the pipe across the chasm. Go forward until you can turn left, then turn around. You’ll see a ridged wall on the right, and some vines beyond that. Use wall run on the wall, then grab onto the vines. Climb up them to the Fractured Plains. Cross the rickety metal bridge and head towards the crane. Find the part where the cliff twists, so that you can stand on the edge and see one of the wall fans clearly. Time-slow it from there, then drop down into the shaft. Pass between the blades and jump onto the platform. It’ll require quick reflexes and precision.

Alternatively, if this is too hard for you, you can wait until you get Force Pull in the Tomb of Miktrull, then return and use the rope hanging from the crane to get inside. You’ll have to use Force Pull to grab the rope, then swing on it, turn around, jump off and freeze the fan mid-air.

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  1. M

    You need force pull to use the metal bridge. So you need to go to the
    Tomb of Miktrull first.

  2. J

    Rickety old bridge is not down!

  3. L

    I’m stuck in the room how do I get out?

    1. J

      I got stuck in there too, thinking only way out was to get up to the chest! It’s not. From beneath, you have to back the way you came, to do that, when you are hanging from the rail, just push jump again and he can climb up.

  4. S

    I double jumped from the pole infront of the big ball and caught the ledge and double jumped again. I’m pretty sure it was a glitch or I got super lucky. Is there any purpose to the big gold ball or its just pointless?

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