Pokemon Sword & Shield Play with Friends - How to Co-Op in Wild Area

Playing co-op with friends in Wild Areas in Pokemon Sword & Shield is one of the major gameplay mechanics in the game, which lets you play raids, dens, and similar encounters with other people on your friends list. You can even meet up with your friends in the same location in the Wild Area and explore and camp together. The system isn’t too difficult, but maybe some of you will be having trouble figuring out how to play Pokemon SwSh Wild Areas in co-op with friends. To help you out, we’ve put together our Pokemon Sword & Shield Play with Friends – How to Co-Op in Wild Area guide. Hope you find it useful.

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Pokemon Sword & Shield Play with Friends How to Co-Op in Wild Area
Pokemon Sword & Shield Play with Friends – How to Co-Op in Wild Area

How to Play With Friends in Wild Area in Pokemon Sword & Shield – How Does Co-Op Work?

To play with friends in Wild Area in Pokemon Sword & Shield and co-op raids, you first have to exchange friends codes, or link codes, if you will. Then, approach and activate one of the glowing dens in a Wild Area. The game will ask you whether you want to invite other players, so pick that. You’ll then get a list of people that you can invite, so select the ones you want.

On the other end, the player you sent an invitation to will get a Stamp, aka a notification, on the left side of the screen. They then have to open the Y-comm (by pressing Y, obviously). Go into Search, then select Search for Friends. Find the friend who’s call for help you want to answer. After that, you should be battling alongside your buddies in no time.

How to Meet Online Friends in Wild Area in Pokemon Sword & Shield – How to See & Camp with Friends?

To see and meet your friends online in Pokemon Sword & Shield Wild Areas, as well as camp with them, you simply have to be at the same place at the same time. As long as you’re all online, of course. At least, that’s how it should work in theory. In practice, at least, at the time of writing, the system isn’t working too well. Oh, you’ll see a lot of random people running around the Wild Areas, but your friends might often be invisible to you. It’s a glitch, or a result of server overload. Hopefully, Nintendo is going to fix it soon. Don’t worry, though, this won;t affect your ability to play raids and dens and stuff in co-op.

And I believe that should about do it for this one. However, we have a growing list of Pokemon Sword & Shield guides for you to check out. We’ve written, among others, Treasure Map Riddle Solution – Turffield Grass Stones, How to Get Male – Female Starters, and Pokemon Sword & Shield Camp – Set Up Tent, Cook, Play.

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