SW Jedi Fallen Order Errors & Problems - BD-1 Disappeared

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order has been released, and the launch wasn’t without its problems. Players are reporting various issues on forums and social media, ranging from performance issues, audio de-syncing or not working at all, to BD-1 disappearing during a mission. In our SW Jedi Fallen Order errors & problems guide, we’re going to list all the known issues and ways to avoid or fix them, if possible.

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SW Jedi Fallen Order Errors & Problems – BD-1 Disappeared

BD-1 gone

We’ve heard from a number of people whose droid disappeared randomly without a trace. The game is pretty much unplayable without BD-1 and its tools, so you’ll have to get it back. You’ll have to find it before you can proceed, but there’s no way to do it with guaranteed success. The first thing you should try is to head to a save point and rest. If that doesn’t work, you could try turning of share data usage (it’s under settings, then extras). If none of it helps, you’ll have to wait for a patch.

Audio desync

A lot of players have experience issues where the sound and picture fall out of step, with the audio usually rushing ahead of the video. Others have reported audio completely disappearing, especially during cutscenes. It’s happening on both PC and console, and as far as we know, there’s no solution yet.

Performance issues on PS4 Pro and PC

We’ve seen reports of poor performance on PC and PS4 Pro. People keep experiencing fps drops, freezing, texture loading and even crashes. On Playstation, you could try turning off performance mode. On PC, updating the GPU drivers could help. No matter the platform, you should definitely switch Share User Data off – everyone who did reported better performance afterwards. You’ll find this option in the settings, under Extras.

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  1. P

    If you can manage to find a place that cut-scenes to BD-1 after he disappears he will return. Stim Crates that add stim canisters to him, repair tables, etc. I purposefully wait on the stim crate on Bogano just in case this happens to me and I need to get him back.

    1. N

      Ziplines should also bring him back.

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