Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Free Update Adds New Game Plus

There’s a new update available for free to all players of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. It adds a New Game Plus mode, called New Journey +, in which you get to keep all your cosmetics. It also grants access to Meditation Points, which unlock Meditation Training. This is basically two different horde modes, but hey, it’s an extra challenge.

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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Free Update Adds New Game Plus
Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Free Update Adds New Game Plus

So, how is New Game +, or New Journey +, gonna work in Fallen Order? Well, playing it unlocks Mediation Training Modes (more on that later), for one, as well as the Cal The Inquisitor skin and red lightsaber that you get to see in one of Cal’s visions. Also, you get to keep all your collectibles from the previous playthrough, such as “lightsaber parts, kyber crystal colors, and other aesthetic items.” You will have to re-learn all your abilities. All the chests that you opened previously will remain open and empty. Kinda sucky as New Game + modes go, but oh well.

As for the Meditation Training, that’s basically two new game modes accessed through Meditation points scattered around the game. The first mode is Combat Challenges, where you’ll have to battle waves of enemies on different planets that each house their own hazards. There are twelve challenges, and you can earn up to three stars for completing them (one star for completing, two for no healing, three for not getting hit at all). When you get twelve stars (no matter how many per challenge), you’ll unlock three new skins for BD-1.

The second mode is Battle Grid, which lets you create your own custom encounters. You choose how big the encounter is gonna be, which enemies you’ll have to fight, where it takes place, fiddle with difficulty modifiers, etc. You even get to fight Jaro Tapal and Inquisitor Cal Kestis, which sounds like it could be a pretty fun challenge.

The update also adds some useful accessibility options. For example, you’ll be able to skip over button-mashing quick-time events and eliminate the need to hold buttons in actions such as climbing. Also, you’re getting text size scaling options. If you want more detailed info on the update, including the complete patch notes, check out the official blog post.

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