Star Wars Squadrons Medals List Guide - Fully Decorated Trophy

Medals are achievements you can earn in every mission in Star Wars Squadrons. There are five in each of the fourteen story missions, and unlocking all of them will grant you the Fully Decorated trophy. There’s a short description for each, but it’s not obvious – if you’re struggling with them, our Star Wars Squadrons medals guide will show you the full list and how to earn them.

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star wars squadrons medals
Star Wars Squadrons Medals List Guide – Fully Decorated Trophy

We suggest playing through the campaign on story mode difficulty, which is the easiest. Whenever you’re travelling, try to keep your speed at maximum to save time – there’s always a medal for completing a mission quickly.

  1. Mission 1 – Form the Vanguard
  2. Mission 2 – The Skies of Yavin
  3. Mission 3 – Through Enemy Lines
  4. Mission 4 – Secrets And Spies
  5. Mission 5 – The Trail From Deservo
  6. Mission 6 – Signal To Noise
  7. Mission 7 – Into The Abyss
  8. Mission 8 – Fractured Alliance
  9. Mission 9 – Chaos At Mon Cala
  10. Mission 10 – Terisa’s Vengeance
  11. Mission 11 – Nowhere to Stand
  12. Mission 12 – Rally The New Republic
  13. Mission 13 – Fire In The Heart
  14. Mission 14 – Last Flight of The Starhawk

The first three medals are the same for each mission, so we won’t be listing them separately below. You get the first simply for completing it, the second for completing it within a time limit, and the third for completing it without getting killed. The Mission Complete medal is obviously not a problem. The Enduring Service one is also pretty easy most of the time. The Efficiency medal, though, will require several tries. Even on the lowest difficulty settings, blasting away at full speed, we had trouble getting it.

Then there’s the two unique medals for each mission. Most of them can’t be unlocked on the first run, because you have to know what you’re doing, the layout of the level, the sequence of events and so on.

Form the Vanguard medals – Mission 1

  • Defense Breaker – Destroyed all TIE fighters before taking out the Jammers
  • Loyal Recruit – Destroyed Imperial Jammers before the Cruiser to call New Republic reinforcements

These aren’t that difficult, but you have to know about them in advance, so you can know what to focus on. Either that, or be really lucky.Either way, you’re probably going to have to replay this mission at least once.

The Skies of Yavin – Mission 2 medals

  • Trusty Wingmate – Saved Frisk from a deadly tail
  • Intelligence Operative – Discovered the Victorum’s breach point on the first scan

Intelligence Operative is easy to do on the second run, but only pure luck will help you complete it on the first. Trusty Wingmate, not so much – you might miss the window of opportunity, what with all the blasters firing around you.

Mission 3 medals – Through Enemy Lines

  • Not Even Close – The Victorium escaped with at least 30% hull integrity
  • Raider Wrecker – Destroyed all Imperial Raiders during the Victorium’s escape

Not Even Close is an easy one for the first try, especially if you’re playing on the lowest difficulty. Once you complete it, you’ll get the Asset Secured achievement. Raider Wrecker also isn’t hard, but requires prior knowledge – once you know you should destroy every raider, it’s a piece of cake.

Mission 4 – Secrets And Spies medals

  • Collateral Damage – Destroyed New Republic GR-75s before any escape
  • Thin the Herd – Destroyed all remaining fighters before the Gladius’ arrival

Both are probably easiest to achieve as an interceptor, and there’s almost no way you’ll get them on the first run – simply knowing they’re there is a big advantage.

The Trail From Deservo medals – Mission 5

  • Marksman – Prevented any missile from damaging the GR-75s
  • Ionizer – Disabled all GR-75s transports

Getting the Marksman medal will unlock the Temporary Guardian achievement. Make sure you’re targeting Objectives for this one. Ionizer is pretty easy to do when you know what’s required, so it should be no trouble.

Signal To Noise – Mission 6 medals

  • Corvette Protector – Saved the Corvette
  • Reinforcements Denied – Destroyed the Communication dishes

We got both on the first try, whether by luck or intuition. Knowing is half the battle, as they say, so now that you’re acquainted with them, they should be easy enough.

Mission 7 medals – Into The Abyss

  • Abyssal Protector – Shot down three missiles fired by the Overseer
  • Fully Escorted – Protected all GR-75s transports

The medal you get for shooting the missiles is the hard part here. Since they’re not part of the objective, you won’t have any help aiming at them, and they’re not the easiest of targets. You’ll probably naturally gravitate towards protecting the transports, so if you’re playing on story difficulty, there shouldn’t be any issues.

Mission 8 – Fractured Alliance medals

  • Toothless – Destroyed all of the Nebulon-B frigate’s turrets first
  • Depot Defender – All three Control Towers survived the attack

Depot Defender should be a piece of cake if your difficulty isn’t too high. Toothless is only an issues as long as you don’t know about it – once you do, simply go for the turrets as soon as possible.

Chaos At Mon Cala medals – Mission 9

  • No Mercy – Destroyed the Medical Frigate
  • No Cargo – Destroyed all Cargo Ships

Both medals in the Mon Cala mission are easy to get – just make sure you shoot down anything that moves and you’ll be OK.

Terisa’s Vengeance – Mission 10 medals

  • Imperial March – Destroyed all of the Nadiri Dockyard’s hangars
  • No Survivors – Destroyed all GR-75 evacuees

The advice above applies here as well – just steamroll anything that moves and you’re guaranteed to get both medals on your first try.

Mission 11 medals – Nowhere to Stand

  • Capital Destruction – Destroyed two capital ships in 15 seconds or less
  • Core Knowledge – Scanned all active cores

Capital Destruction might take more than one try – the time limit is tight, and you’ll need good aim. Core Knowledge doesn’t require much skill, just keeping your eyes open.

Mission 12 – Rally The New Republic medals

  • Comsat Savior – Did not allow any comsats to be destroyed
  • Loud and Clear – Destroy the Jammer in less than a minute

Destroying the Jammer in under a minute requires some finesse. Depending on your play style, you might want either a fast ship, or one that does massive damage. Protecting the comsats should be easy enough – after all, it’s at the core of the mission.

Fire In The Heart medals – Mission 13

  • Vengeance – Shot down teh traitor while maintaining 50% hull integrity or higher
  • Thread the Needle – Reach the Starhawk’s core in 40 seconds without taking damage
  • For the Good of the Galaxy – Completed all Imperial missions

Thread the Needle is one of the most difficult medals we’ve earned. There’s more than enough time, so it’s probably best to use the bomber, as it’s slow enough to make navigating such a space easier. Once you’ve finished it, you’ll also get the Against the Current achievement.

Last Flight of The Starhawk medals – Mission 14

  • Scorching Escape – Maintained maximum speed during the Galitan escape
  • Piece by Piece – Destroyed 2 flagship subsystems
  • For the Good of the Galaxy – Completed all New Republic missions

Completing the Scorching Escape medal also unlocks the Punch It achievement. We haven’t figured out how to do it yet, but we’ll be sure to write a detailed guide on it once we do.

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    Xbox gamertag JSD T4ttoo

    You need to have the slowest The ship and that’s the bummer. If you add a load out that will reduce its top speed, that helps too. Divert all the power to the engines make sure you do not slowdown. If you mess up just restart the checkpoint. Once you’re through the achievement will pop. However if you are planning on getting the enduring service medal at the same time try to avoid restarting the checkpoints as that will affect it.

  2. X
    Xbox gamertag: JSD T4ttoo

    For the scorcher medal and the “Punch It” achievement

    You need to have the slowest the ship and that’s the Bomber. If you add a load out that will reduce its top speed, that helps too. At the start of the section where are you are about to fly through all the debris whilst following Linden, divert all the power to the engines and make sure you do not slowdown. If you mess up just restart the checkpoint. Once you’re through the achievement will pop. However if you are planning on getting the enduring service medal at the same time try to avoid restarting the checkpoints as that will affect it.

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