Can You Change Your Background in Starfield

Is it possible to change your Starfield background after creating a character? Starfield’s character creation system builds upon previous Bethesda games and then greatly expands to make it even more exciting. One of the core gameplay features you’ll chose while creating your Starfield character is their Background. Will this be possible to change later in the game? Here’s all you need to know.

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Starfield Can You Change Your Background
Can you Switch Starfield Backgrounds Later in Game?

How to Change Your Background in Starfield

When you start creating your character in Starfield, the game offers you a list of over 20 starting Backgrounds. These backgrounds cover all kinds of professions. In essence, they act as some pseudo-classes in Starfield, as they dictate your starting skills. They also affect how NPCs see you and how will they react to you. It will also offer some unique interactions and situations. Of course, ultimately, Starfield is a classless game, meaning you can build your character however you want.

As we’ve already told, you pick your Starfield background at the start of the game. However, it might turn out later that you don’t actually like that origin story for whatever reason. It might be because it doesn’t align with how you want to role-play, or maybe you simply aren’t satisfied with the starting skills. In that case, you are probably wondering if you will able to change your Background in Starfield. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to make this change once you start the game. When you lock your background, it becomes a permanent part of your character, and something you will be stuck with for the rest of that playthrough. Hence, choose wisely and think carefully before making this decision, as it will be final. Finally, just like with your backgrounds, you will also not be able to reset your skills in Starfield.

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