Starfield Respec, Can You Reset Skill Points?

Knowing if you can respec in Starfield before hard-committing to certain skills is essential for player experience. Bethesda’s next-gen space-exploration RPG offers an extensive skill system with five different skill trees and four ranks per each skill. This is a lot, and sometimes, you can make some mistakes and regret them later. Read on to learn if you can reset Skill Points in Starfield.

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Can You Respec in Starfield, Reset Skill Points
How to Reset Skill Points in Starfield?

Can You Respec in Starfield and Reset Skill Points

Let’s not beat around the bush here. Instead, let’s jump straight to the chase. At the time of writing, it seems that you can not Respec in Starfield. At least not in a traditional sense to simply get all your Skill Points back and reuse them in a different way. Bethesda wants your choices to matter. Hence, once you commit to specific skills and ranks, you’ll need to stick with your guns. Thus, choose wisely and think carefully before spending your hard-earned Skill Points, because you will not be able to reset skill points later in the game.

There is, however, a silver lining for the Starfield Respec feature. Namely, some previous Bethesda games have some kind of a Respec feature. For example, in Skyrim, you cannot reset perks until a skill is maxed out or after you finish the Dragonborn DLC. Maybe a similar skill reset feature will be available in Starfield as well. Fallout 4, however, didn’t feature any Respec options. You were stuck with your choices. Ultimately, however, this will not be an issue. Bethesda games are famous for their modding communities, and we’re absolutely sure that someone will create a Starfield Respec mod within days of the game’s release. Hence, if you decide to reset skills in Starfield at any point, just check out modding websites, and we’re sure there will be a Starfield Respec mode available.

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