Starfield Direct Shares Deep Dive into Gameplay Details

Bethesda have released the new Starfield Direct deep dive video, which goes into some detail on various aspects of the gameplay. It shows off pretty much everything you would’ve expected from a game like this: space traversal, combat, character creation and skills, exploring different worlds, and more. It’s sure to get a lot of people excited.

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starfield direct shares deep dive into gameplay details
Starfield Direct Shares Deep Dive into Gameplay Details

Gameplay Details Shared in Starfield Direct Deep Dive Video

Touted as the “first new universe from Bethesda Game Studios in over 25 years,” Starfield has a lot of hype to live up to. Todd Howard and company have definitely done their fair share of promising the moon (pun intended), and hopefully they’ll be able to deliver on it. Yes, I am skeptical. The deep dive video does show a lot of interesting details, from character creation to ship building and customization, companions, exploration, flying through space, combat and more.

Starfield takes place in the year 2330, where humanity has taken to the stars, settling planets beyond our solar system. Your character joins the last group of explorers called Constellation, whose mission is seeking rare artifacts throughout the galaxy. You will be exploring many planets with their local flora and fauna, building outposts and facing various dangers. So, in essence, it’s a mix of No Man’s Sky and the typical Bethesda RPG. For many, that sounds like a match made in heaven. It’s certainly extremely ambitious, and I hope the gamble pays off.

Starfield is coming out on September 6th, 2023 (barring any unforeseen delays, which aren’t exactly uncommon for Bethesda). You’ll be able to play it on Xbox Series X/S and PC (including via Game Pass and Steam). Yup, it seems like Microsoft has decided to leave Xbox One owners in the dust already. As for the PlayStation, I assume there’s a good chance Bethesda will make a port for the 5 eventually. When? Who knows. I’d wager a year from now, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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