Where to Find Heller after Back to Vectera Starfield

“Back to Vectera” is one of the earliest missions that you will get access to in Starfield, right after the tutorial. During this mission, you will be able to recruit Heller as a member of your crew. However, if you didn’t recruit Heller then when given the chance, he will seemingly be gone. But is he gone for good, and have you missed the opportunity to get him altogether? Luckily, this isn’t the case, as he is indeed stil recruitable, he just went to another location. So where should you go to find Heller after the Back to Vectera quest in Starfield? That’s what we’re here to find out.

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Where to Find Heller after Back to Vectera Starfield
Where to Find Heller after Back to Vectera Starfield

Starfield Where to Find Heller After Back to Vectera Quest

As part of the Back to Vectera mission, you will run across Heller, a potential companion. When you speak to him, there are going to be several different responses at your disposal. These include finding out more about what sort of skills he can provide you, inquiring about whether or not he is well enough to travel, and so on. But the most important choice is whether to recruit him right then and there, or to tell him that you don’t have the space for him at the moment. If you have picked the option of not hiring him there, he is going to leave. But where to and can you once again find him after he’s gone missing?

Note that, while we didn’t personally experience this (we recruited Heller on the spot, so he didn’t disappear on us), according to other players on Reddit, he can be found in Cydonia, working with Trevor there. Again, this isn’t confirmed, and it’s likely that this is simply one of the locations that he could have gone to. Still, it can’t hurt to check there first. And if you have figured out any other locations where Heller can be found after the “Back to Vectera” mission in Starfield, feel free to share it with us in the comments.

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  1. N

    I found Heller wounded on Sumati at a shuttle crash site that Barret caused while trying to escape pirates .

    1. P

      I think after the quest where you find Heller and accept him into your ship, the problem is that there is not enough space so after you pick up Barret he disappears and is not even on the companion list at all. This sucks as I can’t use his Engineering III perk in building on outposts and ruins the experience.

  2. S

    He wasn’t on Cydonia with Trevor for me. I can’t find him and I’m trying to decide whether to continue or go back to an earlier save.
    The moral is dismiss whoever is your follower and get Heller while you can.

  3. K

    hes still at kindi at the crash site in the narion system just went back for him during end game to build up settlements.

  4. G

    Nick is right, if you don’t find him on Mars, he may still be at the crash site. It’s on Andraphon, a moon of Sumati in the Narion system. Land at the crash site, and you can find him still wounded near the belly of the ship.

    1. A

      I can’t find out where the crash site even is. There’s no marker for it on Andraphon anymore and I wrapped the quest already.

  5. M

    I found him at the crashed site on Magreth. The planet seems to change in the Narion and Valo systems for everyone.

  6. S

    Heller will travel back to New Homestead, Titan and Linn will travel to Cydonia, Mars. Confirmed on both. Check the bars.

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