Starfield In Memoriam Sarah Bug Fix

There are several companions you can recruit and travel with in Starfield. Apart from being useful in a fight, you can also build a romantic relationship with them. In time, this can culminate in marriage. Sarah is one such companion. If you want to romance her, you are going to need to complete her In Memoriam quest. This is a series of conversations with her. Though, a problem can arise here with you being stuck in the In Memoriam. Is there a way to somehow fix this Starfield In Memoriam Sarah bug? Luckily, there is, and we are going to go over it right here.

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Starfield In Memoriam Sarah Bug Fix
Starfield In Memoriam Sarah Bug Fix

How to Fix Starfield In Memoriam Sarah Quest Bug

The first thing that you should try to do here is to quit Starfield. Then, restart the game and load the save game where the In Memoriam quest glitch. Hopefully, this simple fix will allow you to then progress through the quest as intended. If that hasn’t worked, you should attempt to complete another mission. Some players have reported that doing this caused the quest to no longer be bugged. Likewise, you should see if fast traveling or sleeping to pass the time will cause the In Memoriam quest to no longer be stuck.

Another method that has worked for some players is to do the following – go to your crew management screen and from there, fire Sarah. She will then make her way to the Lodge. This can take a while, so be patient until she arrives there. After that, you should be able to start the quest dialogue with her and to complete the In Memoriam quest. And if none of these work, you should contact Starfield Support for further assistance. Hopefully, Bethesda will release a patch or hotfix that addresses this problem soon.

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  1. J

    Ive tried everything and it still doesnt work. Every time i try to talk to her she just walks away in the middle of dialog. I have anyone else follow me because of this.

    1. R
      Ryan Wood

      I’m having the same issue, I try to talk to her and she just walks away and i get stuck watching her walking away and you can’t do anything but reload the save. It sucks because she isn’t following me at all but randomly shows up when in conversation then disappears after talking

  2. R

    I did a bit of research and found that if you have any missions that involve the Admiral and have already been started, you need to finish those first. Otherwise, he’ll just keep saying “my schedule is full” or whatever.

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