Starfield Nvidia DLSS Support

Does Starfield have Nvidia DLSS support? Being the first fully next-gen title from Bethesda, Starfield boasts impressively detailed and rich visuals. Naturally, this doesn’t come without its cost. The game has rather steep system requirements, especially if you want to enjoy the game in its full glory. Luckily for gamers, modern AI technologies such are Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR allow for higher resolutions and fidelity without losing performance. However, there are rumours you won’t be able to use DLSS in Starfield. Here’s what we know about it.

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Starfield Nvidia DLSS Support

Does Starfield Has Nvidia DLSS Support?

This June, Bethesda announced that Starfield has officially partnered with AMD, which immediately raised some concerns. This is due to the fact that several recent games which had AMD as their official partner conspicuously lacked Nvidia DLSS support. This includes games such as Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Dead Island 2, and many others. Nvidia DLSS is an objectively better AI upscaling technology, which yields higher results both in terms of image quality and performance. Not being able to use such essential technology in a game as demanding as Starfield will be extremely detrimental to the overall Starfield experience of many PC gamers.

Unfortunately, while not officially confirmed, it seems that Starfield will not feature Nvidia DLSS at launch. Journalists who are already playing the game ahead of its release were not able to find the DLSS option in the settings menu. Luckily, there is an alternative solution. There’s a well-known modder called PureDark, who has specialized in modding DLSS support into games which don’t feature it natively. Unfortunately, there’s bad news there, as well. PureDark doesn’t give away his mods for free. Rather, he requires a 5$ fee via his Patreon page. So, there’s that as well. Hopefully, Bethesda will eventually add Nvidia DLSS support to Starfield. Until that happens, modder PureDark and his paid mods are your only option.

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