Starfield Outpost Landing Pad, Ship Not Landing

In our Starfield Outpost Landing Pad, Ship Not Landing guide, we will discuss some problems that players have been encountering with this game mechanic. First off, we will explain how you can use the landing pad with the ship builder, which is the easiest way to spawn a ship down there. Then, we will explain why the ship might be refusing to land on the pad, since there are several potential causes. Let’s jump into it.

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starfield outpost landing pad ship not landing
Starfield Outpost Landing Pad, Ship Not Landing

How to Use Landing Pad with Shipbuilder in Starfield

To use an outpost landing pad with the ship builder in Starfield, the easiest thing you can do is climb up to the top of the stairs and interact with the blue console you’ll find there. This will let you enter into the ship building menu. Immediately exit the ship, and your ship will be on the pad. Easy-peasy. Now, you can also fast travel around until the ship finally decides to make an appearance (or go back aboard and travel around), but that’s immeasurably more annoying. Although, there is a bug that might actually force you to do this. And no, from what we can tell, there’s no way to land the ship directly onto the pad from space. At least, we haven’t figured out how to do it. If you know what we’re supposed to do, let us all know in the comments.

how to use landing pad with shipbuilder in starfield
Interact with the blue console

Starfield Ship Not Landing on Landing Pad Explained

There are several potential reasons your ship might not be landing on your Outpost Landing Pad in Starfield. It’s not that your Starfield landing pad is not working. One of them is that you’ve accidentally built the pad so that part of it is on a red square. This is mitigated easily by just moving it out of said square. Another potential reason is that your ship is too big. See, when in the ship builder, the measurements only show you how long that side is, calculated from the center. So, if it’s twenty meters from nose to middle and twenty from middle to tail, then that’s a total of forty meters. Same goes for the width. Lastly, it doesn’t seem like a ship of any size will ever decide to land on a small pad. We just don’t know how to make it work. We only know how to make a ship land onto a Starfield large landing pad with the ship builder, as explained above. Our recommendation would be to forsake small landing pads completely.

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  1. B

    Figured it out:
    Build small landing pad.
    Travel to other planet (you don’t have to land, so if you are in space that should be okay)
    THen travel back to Outpost via fast travel selecting your outpost.
    You are back in outpost with your ship on the pad.

    1. R

      Sometimes, other times not. I’ve tried every combination of fast traveling from space, from the map screen, from other planets, the same planet. Sometimes it lands there other times it doesn’t.

  2. K

    From what ive seen you either make it home ship on the console or make another ship home and then the one you want?

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