How to Get Adhesive Starfield

Since crafting is such an important gameplay system in Starfield, it’s no wonder that there are many crafting resources for players to collect and use. One such crafting material is the Adhesive. But where can you get get Adhesive in Starfield? The item’s description states that it is a: “Rare organic resource. This item can be used as a component in crafting.” Which, admittedly, doesn’t tell us a lot about where you can find Adhesive in Starfield. To help you get your hands on this crafting component, we are going to explain where and how to get Adhesive in Starfield.

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How to Get Adhesive Starfield
How to Get Adhesive Starfield

Where to Get Adhesive in Starfield

There are several ways to get Adhesive in Starfield. The first method is to simply buy it. You can get it from certain vendors in the game, most commonly from Resource Vendors. We have a list of these (and other shops) in our Starfield Vendor Locations guide. If you are near the start of the game, then New Atlantis is the easiest place where you can find Adhesive. We recommend that you go to the Jemison Mercantile shop to buy some. Here’s where you can find it on New Atlantis.

Besides buying Adhesive, you can sometimes find it on ships and enemies that you loot, as well as containers that you open. Finally, you can get Adhesive by exploring planets and scanning plants. Of course, since all of this is purely RNG-based, you shouldn’t count on any of these other methods as guarantees of obtaning Adhesive.

What is Adhesive Used for in Starfield

In Starfield, Adhesive is used for crafting purposes. To be more specific, weapon upgrades. As such, you will want to have as much of this crafting material as you possibly can. The easiest way to do this is to purchase it from Resource vendors.

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