Starfield Pacifist Run, Can you Beat Game Without Killing Anyone?

Is it possible to beat Starfield without killing anyone? Fans of role-playing video games love violence and combat. However, for many players, the real challenge comes in the form of doing the opposite – beating the game without hurting a single soul. Hence, many developers try to implement this kind of game-play in their open-world games. So, is it possible to have Starfield Pacifist Run mode? Read on to find out all the details.

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Starfield Pacifist Run, Can you Beat Game Without Killing Anyone?
Starfield Pacifist Run Mode Explained

Can you Beat Starfield Without Killing Anyone? Starfield Pacifist Run Mode Explained

In terms of the sheer scale and content, Starfield is by far the biggest and the most content-rich game Bethesda has ever produced. You will be able to visit over 1000 planets, recruit over 20 fully fleshed-out companions, explore several major cities, and much, much more. And there will be plenty of opportunities to test your mettle. However, if there’s one thing many players like to try, it is to beat the game without any deaths by their hands. So, is it possible to have a Starfield pacifist run? Can you beat Starfield without killing anyone? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

As confirmed in a recent Questions and Answers session on the official Discord server, you will not be able to play Starfield Pacifist mode. Emil Pagliarulo, Studio Design Director, said this: “We talked about this very early on during pre-production, whether or not we would fully support a “non-lethal” playthrough. We realized that, for various reasons, that wasn’t totally feasible. Now, that being said, there are some good non-lethal options, whether through dialogue or by using a non-lethal weapon. Those can be used in certain situations, honestly a lot of situations, though I couldn’t comfortably say you can complete the entire game without any killing whatsoever.”

So there you have it. While there will be a lot of non-lethal options in many situations, a full pacifist Starfield run will not be possible. However, we are sure that someone will create a mod for the game for this purpose, and you will able to use that mode to play the game without killing anyone!

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