How to Place Items Inside Outposts Starfield

In our How to Place Items Inside Outposts Starfield guide, we are going to walk you through several important aspects of this whole mechanic. First off, we will explain how you build inside outposts, since that is one of the fundamental aspects of placing things inside. We are going to have a special little section on Miscellaneous items, since they are a bit different. Then, we will talk about moving items once they’re already inside the outpost. Here we go!

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how to place items inside outposts starfield
How to Place Items Inside Outposts Starfield

How to Build Inside Outpost in Starfield

In order to build inside outposts in Starfield (and there by place items), you first need to make an airlock and then attach a module to it, inside which you’ll be able to build. Go into the module and enter Build Mode. From there, you should be able to create stuff like furniture and various decorations, which you can then place wherever you please (as long as you have the raw materials, of course). If you’ve already made something outside of the outpost, just dismantle them and then remake them on the inside. It doesn’t seem like you can easily lug them into the outpost, as far as we can tell. If you know of simple way to do this, let us know in the comments.

build inside outpost in starfield
A rug can really tie a room together

By the way, you can’t just place items from the Miscellaneous category wherever you want. I mean, you can just plop them on the floor, but that’s hardly the way to display the treasures and curios you’ve collected. What you should do instead is make display cases and place the items into those.

How to Move Items Inside Outposts in Starfield

To move items inside your outposts in Starfield after you place them, you can pick them up by holding the “E” button the keyboard or the A button on the controller. This lets you move things around without adding them to your inventory. When you want to drop said item, just let go of the button. That’s all there is to it. By the way, you can manipulate objects everywhere in the same way. If there’s a box whose contents you can’t quite see, you can lift it and place it on the floor for easier access, for example. Just something to keep in mind.

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  1. J

    I built myself an outpost. I followed your directions but I cannot enter build mode unless I go to the beacon outside. But when the Build menu opens I cannot go into my outpost to decorate or vuild items

    1. B

      I had the same problem. I figured it out though. Enter your hab, then hit your scanner button. After your scanner pops up hit “R” for your outpost. It will bring up the build menu.

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