Starfield Vytinium, Where to Get and How to Use

If you are not sure how to get Vytinium in Starfield, don’t worry, we know! Vytinium is a unique inorganic resource which players can use as a component in crafting. Read on as we explain where you can buy it, and how to use it.

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Starfield Vytinium, Where to Get and How to Use

Where to Find Vytinium in Starfield

Before we continue, here is a short disclaimer. This guide is currently a work in progress, and it is not complete. We’ve just started playing the game, and hence, we are still discovering new locations and secrets. As we progress through the game, we will make sure to regularly update this guide with new information and details.

Vytinium is a unique Tier 4 Resource in Starfield. It is an exceptionally rare item to find. Hence, if you need it, you must keep your eyes open for it. At the time of writing, we haven’t yet stumbled upon in the open areas. Thus, we don’t currently know where you can mine it. However, we do know where you can buy it. Namely, there are at least two vendors that sell this item. Firstly, there’s one on The Key space station, Crimson Fleet‘s base. There is also a unique vendor called the Starborn Trader. He sells all kinds of unique and otherwise hardly available items. Here are some of the things that he sells:

  • Legendary heavy: Frenzy Calibrated Negotiator
  • Legendary particle beam rifle: Demoralizing Calibrated Va’ruun Inflictor
  • Rare rifle: Avatar
  • Rare rifle: The Last Breath
  • Unique material: Aldumite
  • Unique material: Vytinium

He sells a chunk of Vytinium weighing two and a half kilos. And it will cost you 116 Credits. At the moment, this is the only known location where you can find Vytinium in Starfield. However, we are sure that you can mine these resources on various planets and moons as well. We just need to figure out where exactly.

How to Use Vytinium

Unfortunately, we are currently not aware of any uses for this unique crafting material. However, we’ve purchased the ore from the trader above, and we will update the article as soon as we find out how. We’re positive that there’s something unique. We just have to figure it out. If you know it, share it with us in the comments section!

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