Starfield Preorder Bonus Not Showing, Old Mars Skin Pack Missing

If your Starfield preorder bonus items are not showing, don’t worry, we have the solution! Five years after the announcement, the long-awaited next-gen RPG from Bethesda is finally here. And many of you who can’t wait to finally play the game have probably already preordered the game and are playing right now in early access. This guide explains where to find the Starfield Old Mars Skin Pack, including Laser Cutter, Deep Mining Helmet, and Deep Mining Pack.

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Starfield Preorder Bonus Missing, Old Mars Skin Pack Not Showing
Starfield Old Mars Skin Pack Not Showing Solution

Starfield Old Mars Skin Pack Not Showing, Preorder Bonus Missing

It almost sounds unreal, but Starfield is finally here! If you have pre-ordered any addition of the game, or if you have an active Game Pass subscription ahead of the game’s release, you will also receive the Old Mars Skin Pack as pre-order bonus items. These items are:

  • Old Mars Laser Cutter Skin
  • Old Mars Deep Mining Helmet Skin
  • Old Mars Deep Mining Pack Skin

However, some players are having trouble finding their pre-order content. That’s because these skins will not be available immediately when you start the game. Rather, (MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD) you’ll need to reach The Lodge in New Atlantis. That’s early in the game, when you’ll get to meet the Constellation leadership in their headquarters. Once you enter the main Lodge room, turn right and go down the stairs to the basement. There, you will find a Spacesuit Workbench and a Weapon Workbench. Among many other things, these are used to apply various skins to your equipment. And that’s where you will find your missing Starfield Preorder Bonus items!

Starfield Old Mars Skin Pack Not Showing, Preorder Bonus Missing
These Workbenches are found all around the game. Use them to apply pre order bonus items.
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  1. A
    Adrian Arneson

    That’s just where your supposed to find it, what do you do when you still don’t have it. I pre-ordered the deluxe edition upgrade on MS store.

    1. S

      Tell me please… I don’t have a Constellation set of looks on my workbench: spacesuit, helmet. How can I put them?
      I was able to install the skin only on a laser rifle and a backpack.
      I also don’t understand why there is no “Old Mars” skin

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