Starfield Fast Travel Between Planets

Space exploration is the main appeal of Starfield and learning how to fast travel between planets is essential for smooth gameplay. Though, Starfield’s interface takes some getting used to. If you are like us, you might have been a bit overwhelmed by all of the different prompts and options available. Space travel is ultimately not that hard in Starfield and once you master it, it’ll become second nature. Here’s some pointers to help you learn how to fast travel between planets in Starfield without a fuss.

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Starfield Fast Travel Between Planets
Starfield Fast Travel Between Planets

How to Fast Travel in Starfield with Star System Map

In order to fast travel between different planets in Starfield, you will have to use the Starmap. Fast traveling to other planets is only possible by using your starship. Furthermore, you can only do it when you are sitting in the cockpit of your ship. To access the Starmap – press the menu button on your controller and then select the Starmap section in the upper left corner. Depending on where you are with your ship at this moment, you will first either see the surface of the planet you are on, or you will see the map of the star system that you are in.

The Starmap in Starfield has several different zoom levels. By pressing B on the controller you will go from the planet surface view to the star system view, and finally all the way to galaxy view. Meaning B is your Zoom Out. And the A button iz your Zoom In command. To travel to another planet you need to first locate it on the starmap and hover over it with your cursor. You will then get an option to fast travel to it by holding X on your controller. After a short animation, you will quickly find yourselves there. And if you want to fast travel between star systems you have to grav jump in Starfield.

How to Fast Travel to Kreet in Starfield

Learning how to fast travel comes into play at the very beginning of the game when you are sent to Kreet to find the pirate base there. This is part of the main story quest One Small Step. The game will tell you to use the missions part of the UI. This is, also, a legitimate way to fast travel. TIf you want to do it like that, then go into your Missions tab (press the Menu button and select the Missions section straight down). Select the mission (in this case – One Small Step), and you should then get a prompt to Set Course to X (Kreet). You can then next hold X to fast travel when in the cockpit and you will instantaneously fast travel to Kreet.

Fast Traveling to Non-Explored Planets Versus Directly to POIs on Explored Planets

If the planet you’re traveling to is not explored, you can still fast travel to it. After scanning it you can land on any of the major POIs you discover. Again, on the Starmap, using A and B buttons on your controller, zoom into the planet view and hover over the POI you want to land on. Press and hold X to initiate landing.

Step-By-Step Fast Travel Between Planets in Starfield Explanation

To summerize, here’s how fast travel across planets functions in Starfield:

  • Step #1: Be in your ship’s cockpit.
  • Step #2: Open the Starmap by pressing the Menu button on your controller and pressing A while hovering over the top left section of the main menu (the Starmap sectrion).
  • Step #3: Use B on the controller to zoom out to the planet/system/galaxy view. Use A to zoom in onto the system, planet, or planet point of interest you want to fast travel to.
  • Step #4: While hovering over the destination you should be able to press X to set your course to that planet.
  • Step #5: Hold X to fast travel there.
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