Starfield Renegade III

The Renegade III in Starfield has been on the minds of many players. According to a number of people, it is the best ship in Starfield, or at least one of them. That has sent players on a largely fruitless hunt, because most haven’t been able to find the vessel. In this guide, we are going to share all the information we have on the matter.

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starfield renegade iii
Starfield Renegade III

Where to Find Renegade III Starfield Best Ship

To find the Renegade III in Starfield, which is arguably the best ship in the game, you have to get lucky. From what we could glean from other people, it seems like it only appears at vendors. Problem is, what the ship merchants offer (like all others) is completely random for every player, and from playthrough to playthrough. Some have found it on Neon, but that was quite possibly a coincidence. On the other hand, maybe the vendors don’t stock it at all until you get to a specific character level, or unlock a side quest. We just don’t know. We’ve visited every single ship trader we knew of, including everyone on Neon, and no luck. Maybe you have to max out your Piloting skill first. After all, you can’t even fly a C class ship like the Renegade III until then.

That’s all we know on the subject of where to buy Renegade III in Starfield. Naturally, as soon as we have more information, we will update the guide. All of you that might have run into it (or know how to do so), sound off in the comments and help us all out. What we do know about the Renegade III, as we’ve already mentioned, is that it’s a Class C ship. That means that it’s way more massive than the other classes, and can take more hits, but at the cost of mobility. It’s a freighter, so of course it can’t have the handling of a Class A vessel, which are the equivalent of fighter jets, kinda. Also, since it’s meant for ferrying stuff and not fighting, it can only carry two weapons. On the other hand, it has a massive cargo hold.

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