Starfield Add Research Station Module Star Eagle

Not sure where to find the Research Station Module on your Star Eagle ship in Starfield? Starfield is a game about travelling to planets and moons across vast space and dozens of star systems. As such, your ships will be essentially your second homes. And in a true Bethesda style, you will be able to customize them to the smallest details. In this guide, we explain how to add the Research Station, a Workshop module, and other Habs in Starfield.

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Starfield Add Research Station Module Star Eagle
How to Add a Research Station to Your Ship in Starfield?

Where to Find Star Eagle Research Station Module Starfield

The Star Eagle spaceship in Starfield will be one of the first early-game ships you can own. It comes as a reward after you complete the Freestar Collective questline in Akila City. It’s a rather good-looking ship and a much better option than your starting The Frontier vehicle. However, it lacks several crucial components, and thus, it requires upgrading. Namely, the Star Eagle doesn’t have a Research Station module or a Workshop module, for example. It seems like a basic thing to upgrade. However, players are having problems finding these for their Star Eagle ship.

The problem stems from the fact that the game doesn’t actually provide an explanation for various Habitat modules. These Habs modules have names that don’t actually say much about what they do for your ship. It’s a rather strange design decision not to add this explanation, and hopefully, Bethesda will patch this up soon. However, in the meantime, here’s where you can find a Research Station module to add to your Star Eagle or any other ship:

  • AIO Berth (Nova Galatic A)
  • Infirmary (All Manufacturers)
  • Science Lab (All Manufacturers)
  • Workshop (Stroud)

So there you have it: any manufacturer’s Infirmary and Science Lab modules will have a Research Station Module added to your ship. In addition, the Nova Galatic A AIO Berth and a Workshop from Stroud also feature a Research Station. For more info, here’s a complete spreadsheet of all Habs and their features.

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