Starfield Star Eagle Landing Bug

Players report a Starfield bug where they exit far away from the Star Eagle ship. As a space-exploring game, one of the main hubs during your adventures will be your ship. And not just one, but countless ships of various sizes and features. One of these awesome early game ships is called Star Eagle. Unfortunately, there seems to be a rather annoying bug with this ship. Here’s what we know about the Star Eagle landing glitch.

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Starfield Star Eagle Landing Bug

Starfield Star Eagle Landing Bug, Exiting Far Away From Ship Glitch

In our opinion, the Star Eagle is one of the best ships you can own early in the game. It’s great-looking, it has a lot of awesome features, and it’s fairly easy to get. Sure, you will need to do some upgrades as it’s missing some modules. However, that’s something you’ll need to do with many other ships. The Star Eagle ship comes as a reward for completing the Freestar Collective Faction questline and becoming their member. In fact, all members of the Freestar Collective faction get one of these upon inauguration.

Unfortunately, what’s currently preventing many players from enjoying this ship is a rather annoying Starfield Star Eagle landing bug. “Whenever I land on a planet and leave my ship, I enter the open world thousands of meters away from my ship and objective,” says Reddit user Barejester. “And spend the next 5 minutes walking back to my ship. When I get to my ship, it’s not fully there, and I get stuck in the environment.” Another user, who goes by the name RealShork, reports a similar issue: “Every time I land on land and leave the ship, it puts me 1000m away in a random direction. When I land in Jemison spaceport and leave through the hatch, I’m out of the city walls and have to fast-travel into the city or walk back. Then, when I get back to the ship, I can no longer enter it, but I can still walk inside of it.”

Sadly, at the time of writing, there doesn’t seem to be a solution for the “Starfield Star Eagle Landing Bug”. Thus, we advise you to avoid using the Star Eagle until Bethesda deploys a hotfix.

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