Where to Find More Enemy Ships Starfield

If you’re having trouble figuring out where to find more enemy ships in Starfield, you’re probably trying to either level up your Piloting skill or upgrade your crew. In either case, locating hostile vessels in the vast expanses of space is actually harder than it may seem. Fortunately for you, there are a few things you can do to make it a bit easier. In this guide, we are going to explain the things you can do in order to farm enemy ships in Starfield. Let’s get into it!

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where to find more enemy ships starfield
Where to Find More Enemy Ships Starfield

Where to Find More Enemy Ships in Starfield

There is no exact place where you can find enemy ships in Starfield, since it appears that they spawn more or less randomly. There is one exception, but we’ll get to that in the next section. More often then not, you’ll find them in areas with more traffic, such as major cities. Scour the star map for Hostile Activities, because those guarantee that you’ll encounter hostile vessels. Another good method is to join the Freestar Rangers faction in Akila City, on the planet of Akila in the Cheyenne system. They are interplanetary police, basically, and they often a bevy of bounties against space pirates and the like. Needless to say, you’ll find your share of enemy ships on these missions.

A little trick you can do is making the Armillary on your ship. This will cause the Starborn to attack you more often. On the flip side, riding around in the Razorleaf will make the Spacers fly away from you as fast as their engines will take them. Also, joining the Crimson Fleet turns pirates friendly, taking them off the menu.

How to Farm Enemy Ships in Starfield

The best way to find more enemy ships and farm them in Starfield is the Vanguard Exam Pilot Simulator. As we’ve explained in our Level Up Piloting Skill Fast and Vanguard Piloting Exam Tier 6 Completion guides, you can have your first brush with the simulator during the Supra El Ultra quest. You have to pass the exam to join the Vanguard. However, you can access the simulator whenever you want, and it’s a fantastic, risk-free way to farm enemy ships. Just keep doing the challenges over and over again and watch that Piloting skill soar, pun intended. The exam happens in the MAST building in New Atlantis, so you can play it pretty early on.

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