Starfield Trade Authority Kiosks, Trader Locations

In our Starfield Trade Authority Kiosks, Trader Locations guide, we are going to explain where you can find a trader in Starfield. Obviously, vendors are all across the universe in Starfield, because commerce never stops. Different settlements have different things to offer, of course, but there are some constants that you can rely on. In this guide, we are going to explain where to find and how to use locations like Trade Authority Kiosks and regular stores. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

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starfield trade authority kiosks trader locations
Starfield Trade Authority Kiosks, Trader Locations

Where is Trade Authority Kiosk in Starfield

By far the easiest trader locations you can find in Starfield are the Trade Authority Kiosks. The first one you’re most likely to encounter is on New Atlantis during the One Small Step quest. If you ask the Ship Services Tech about where you can sell things, he’ll direct you straight to it. These kiosks are yellow and have a bright neon-yellow screen, so they’re really hard to miss. Plus, they can be found on many landing pads across the game, especially major cities. The kiosks will buy pretty much everything you have to offer, so they’re a great place to earn money and dump all the junk you might have on hand. As for what they sell, that varies from place to place, of course. It might even be randomized completely, we’re not entirely sure yet. Either way, they don’t sell much; you’ll mainly be using them to sell.

  • New Atlantis – As we already said the first one you’ll find on New Atlantis on Jemison
  • Titan – New Homestead
  • Neon – Volii Alpha

Where to find Trade Authority Shops

where to find trader locations in starfield trade authority kiosks
One of the trader kiosk locations

Of course, the Trade Authority Kiosks are not the only trader locations in Starfield. Every major city and most minor ones have stores. These places can sell many different things, including weapons, clothes, spacesuits, ship parts, supplies of various kinds, and more. Stores usually have a wider variety of things to sell than the kiosks, but they usually specialize in what they offer. You won’t really find spacesuits at the gun store, for example. By the same token, specialized stores won’t buy things that they don’t sell. If you want to sell a gun, don’t go into the pharmacy. All that said, there are stores that will buy and sell a variety of things. That’s why it always pays off to explore settlements. One last thing to mention: merchants have a limited amount of money. Once they’re broke, you’ll have to wait a while before they get more credits.

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