How to Surrender Starfield

Most Bethesda games feature a law system of some kind. This is a very rudimentary gameplay mechanic that penalizes players that perform such unlawful acts as attacking and killing unarmed civilians, getting caught stealing, and so on. If you engage in such activities, you will be accosted by the local police. They will then ask that you surrender to them. However, if you don’t surrender, theyare going to attack you. Which is a problem if you don’t yet know how to surrender in Starfield. To help you understand how this is done, we are going to explain how this entire process works in the game.

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How to Surrender in Starfield
How to Surrender Starfield

Starfield How to Surrender

Once you do some unlawful deed – such as shooting a random NPC in a city in broad daylight, a nearby member of the local police force is going to shout that you stop and give up. But, if you don’t know what you need to do, you will soon have the entire police force after you. So, the first step here is to lower and holster your weapon, so that you are unarmed. You can do this by pressing and holding R on the PC. The officer will then start talking to you, and offer you the chance to either pay off a bounty or to go to jail in order to pay for your crimes. Here’s how the jail system works in Starfield. You can also try refusing and fighting the guard, but this is not advisable.

Note that sometimes the option to surrender won’t be available. This can happen if your bounty is too big. If that happens, you are going to be considered too dangerous and the guards may not give you an option of surrendering and they will try to kill you instead of taking you in.

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