What Happened to Earth in Starfield

The question of what happened to Earth in Starfield is one of the many mysteries players will want to unwrap once the game comes out. In this article, we are going to try and put together all the information we have on the fate of our home planet. We’ll answer questions like whether Earth is in Starfield, whether you’ll be able to visit, and more. Let’s begin!

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what happened to earth in starfield
What Happened to Earth in Starfield

Is Earth in Starfield

Yes, Earth is in Starfield, and we will learn what happened to it at some point during the game beyond it just being destroyed. In fact, the developers have confirmed as much in an interview (via GamingIntel): “Yeah, actually very early on in the main quest we take you to our solar system. Which, in our lore is called the ‘Old Neighborhood’.” They added: “And you’ll be sent there on a mission from Constellation to discover the mysteries of the artifacts and you’ll get in contact with the question of: ‘what happened to Earth?'” So, yeah; you will start finding out more about the fate of our little blue dot fairly early.

Can You Visit Earth in Starfield

We don’t know for certain whether you can visit Earth in Starfield, but I assume you probably will at some point. I mean, there are likely much worse or at least equally hostile places that you’ll explore during your adventures. Regardless of what actually happened to Earth in Starfield, it can’t be that much of a blasted hellhole that a well-equipped space cowboy can’t set foot on it. That said, our home definitely seems to be completely dead, unless there’s some kind of plot twist the writers have in their collective sleeve. Personally, I’m very curious to find out.

What Happened to Earth in Starfield

At time of writing, we don’t know what exactly happened to Earth in this universe. We know that humans started colonizing the Old Neighborhood in 2050, when they first landed on Mars. By 2100, we are living in space. From there, things progress in leaps and bounds; in 2156, humans arrive at Alpha Centauri and establish the United Colonies in 2159. At some point between 2050 and 2330, when the game picks up, something awful happened to our planet. It could have been a meteor, runaway global warming, a solar flare; we just don’t know yet, but I certainly want to find out.

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