State of Decay 2 How to Get Power - Solar Array, Generators, Outpost

Power and electricity are an important asset in State of Decay 2. Supplying power to your base in State of Decay 2 boosts the efficiency of some of the facilities. It also boosts morale and happiness in the base, plus, it lights up your base nicely. There are several different options for how to get power in State of Decay 2, including generators, a solar array, or a power outpost. They will all depend heavily on your current situation with Influence and other stuff.

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State of Decay 2 How to Get Power - Solar Array, Generators, Outpost
State of Decay 2 How to Get Power – Solar Array, Generators, Outpost

How to Get Power in State of Decay 2?

There are several ways to get power for your base in State of Decay 2. Arguably the easiest method is the generator mod. Some slots that can make use of power offer the option of hooking up the generator mod, or portable generator, if you have one. While it is the easiest option, it’s also the biggest hassle. It drains fuel, it takes a while to build (during which there will be noise) and start up (also noisy when it’s running), and you have to restart it manually on occasion. Luckily, you can do that on the go through the Base tab in the menu.

Then, there’s the option of using one slot in the base to build a generator, if you have the necessary . It also guzzles gas, and makes quite a bit of noise. It does, however, power the entire base, which is pretty great. If one of your survivors has Knowledge of Electricity and some materials, you can build a Solar Array on a large slot. It doesn’t require fuel, and, most importantly, it’s silent. It’s very much worth your while.

Lastly, arguably the best option other than the solar array is capturing a Power Outpost. That’s expensive in Influence (check out our guide on how to farm Influence Points for more info), and it does also consume fuel, but it’s well-worth the investments. You can just set it and forget it, as it were, and it also provides a safe, zombie-free area, plus some other perks.

State of Decay 2 Solar Array – How to Get?

To get the Solar Array generator in State of Decay 2, you’ll first need a large slot in your base. As far as materials go, you’re going to need 10 Circuitry scraps. Lastly, one of your survivors need to have Knowledge of Electricity, which stems from Utility Knowledge. This might just be the biggest snag you’re going to have, because you’re likely going to have to obtain the appropriate textbook.

To locate the Electricity textbook, your first stop can be a Library. There are a lot of different Knowledge textbooks you can find there, and Electricity could be one of them. If not, make sure to check with traders or friendly enclaves. Once you have everything you need, all that’s left is to construct the Solar Array in your base.

How to Capture Power Outpost in State of Decay 2?

To capture a State of Decay 2 Power Outpost, you’ll need enough Influence, and at least one open Outpost Slot in your base. Specifically, you’re going to need 2000 Influence, which is about the price of a pretty decent home base in State of Decay 2. Plus, to keep the Power Outpost running, you’re going to have to sacrifice two Fuel per day.

how to get power outpost state of decay 2

Even though the cost is pretty steep, the benefits you’ll reap are great. For one, you’ll get a constant power supply for the entire base, leading to a significant boost in morale. Plus, it will also allow you to switch characters in the outpost, and you’ll get a supply locker, giving you an additional place to store items you might find while scavenging. Lastly, it provides a safe, zombie-free zone in and around the outpost.

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