Gosunoob Goes GDPR-Compliant

The European Union’s General Data Protection Act (GDPR) has gone into effect today. It’s a new law that governs the protection of privacy of all citizens of countries within the European Economic Area (which includes EU proper, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein). As we’re a law-abiding bunch, we’ve changed our privacy policy to conform to the new regulation. If you want to know what that means for you, our reader, continue reading after the break.

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gosunoob goes gdpr compliant
Gosunoob Goes GDPR-Compliant

For starters, all EEA citizens now have the right to know exactly what kind of information about them websites gather. They also have the right to know who else has access to this data, as well as how it’s used – for advertising purposes, analytics, administration or something entirely different.

More importantly, EEA citizens now have the right to opt out of a whole bunch of these data collecting agreements. When you visit Gosunoob for the first time after these changes go into effect, you will be greeted with a popup that lets you know things have changed.

The popup will allow you to go into a menu that lets you see exactly what kind of data is collected and with whom it is shared. It also lets you retract your consent and make the site stop collecting data. You can read about all of it in much more detail in our updated privacy policy. If you have any question about how we handle your data, drop our Data Protection Officer a line at privacy@gosunoob.com.

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