State of Decay 2 Textbooks - How to Get Skill Books

Textbooks are a kind of usable item in State of Decay 2. Reading a textbook will grant you a skill, provided your character has an empty skill slot. This makes them extremely valuable, as they can help you shape your community and the way your home base is going to develop. They’re pretty hard to find, though – you’ll sometimes discover them while scavenging, or get the option to buy them from traders. But most players don’t realize you can also craft skill books, which is both reliable and relatively inexpensive. This guide is going to show you how to get textbooks in State of Decay 2.

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state of decay 2 textbooks how to get skill books
State of Decay 2 Textbooks – How to Get Skill Books

In order to craft a textbook, you’ll need a certain facility in your home base – each skill requires a different one, so you won’t be able to craft everything. When you have it, you’ll need to use a specific action, which will then provide you with the desired skill book.

How to get gardening textbook

In order to craft the gardening skill book, you’ll need a farm. Before you can build one, you’ll have to have a home base with a large outdoor slot. Once you’ve built the facility, open it up and look at the available actions. One of them is called Gardening Study. Before you can start it, you’ll need 40 boxes of seeds and a free worker. It’ll take an hour, and you’ll end up with 2 food and a gardening textbook.

We haven’t been able to test this with other facilities (we only have one large slot in our current base), but it’s safe to assume other areas of human knowledge can be furthered in a similar way. Leave a comment if you discover another facility with a similar action, and we’ll update the guide if we find any more on our own.

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