State of Decay 2 Vehicle Storage & Trunk Capacity - Best Cars

Vehicle storage capacity is one of the main concerns when choosing a car in State of Decay 2. You characters can only carry so much, and a decent trunk size will increase your scavenging potential significantly. You should always be on the lookout for cars with a lot of trunk space. This guide will explain how State of Decay 2 vehicle storage works, and give you a list of the best cars based on trunk capacity.

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state of decay 2 vehicle storage trunk capacity
State of Decay 2 Vehicle Storage & Trunk Capacity – Best Cars

Vehicle trunk capacity

Each vehicle has a trunk that acts as mobile storage. The smallest trunks have only four slots, while the biggest ones can have up to eight spaces. You’ll use them as a kind of a halfway house for all your loot, a space to empty your pockets into so you can continue looting before you return to your home base.

The most important aspect of this are the material rucksacks. You can only carry one at a time. Its capacity depends on the quality of the backpack, but you’ll always be bound to just one. Vehicle storage, however, has no such restrictions. You can fill each slot in a trunk with a material rucksack, which makes cars indispensible when you’re out scavenging for materials.

Which vehicle has the biggest trunk?

The clear winners in this category seem to be the Cargo Van and Repair Van. They both have eight inventory slots, but only two doors. They’re also not very sturdy, so you’ll have to drive carefully and avoid swarms.

If you lower your expectations to six spaces, you’ll have a lot more to choose from. The best choice would be the Military Truck, which has four doors and is completely armored, which means you can use it as a weapon too. The same goes for the Utility Truck – this one isn’t armored, but it comes with a snow plow which minces zombies like nobody’s business. Then there’s the Ambulance, the Desperado jeep, Norma, Pilato, the Rhames V pick-up and the Vagabond jeep – all of them have six slots, but aren’t as sturdy as the other two.

How to transfer items & rucksacks from trunk to base storage?

If you’ve played the previous game, you’ll notice there’s no automatic transfer of items from the trunk into the base storage. Instead, you’ll have to park your vehicle into the parking spot, then pop the trunk and select the item. If you’re playing with a controller, press RT to send it off into storage. If you’re using a keyboard, press T.

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  1. J

    The smallest trunk has 3 slots, not 4, it’s on the little car that looks like a mazda. The ambulance also has 8 slots although I’ve seen it listed as 6 slots on the wiki. The brogan sport or trekker (can’t remember which), a small car that looks like the survey car with a storage bin on top, also has 8 slots. I haven’t upgraded that one but I have upgraded the vans and they move around so much better than the default versions.

    1. K

      The Brogan Sport/Trekker loses 2 slots when upgraded and despite being a faster car than most, it has very low durability even when upgraded; so low that it’s like it wasn’t upgraded at ALL. Best to leave that one default so you keep all 8 slots instead of getting a faster (but just as flimsy) version with only 6.

    2. L

      DO NOT upgrade the trekker with the storage bin, you lose the bin, goes from 8 to 6 i believe the trekker might come in a version without the bin, but if you have it, dont upgrade, was kinda ticked when i lost mine

    3. C

      In State of Decay 2, Heartland, the ambulance has 6 storage slots. I don’t know if the storage is increased by 2 if you upgrade it.

  2. J

    I forgot to mention, the vans all get 4 doors when you upgrade them.

  3. Z

    The upgraded car “mega max” only has 2 slots

  4. T

    So the passenger van has eight storage slots in the trunk and has four doors for those who do not know.

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