Super Mario Odyssey Co-Op Detailed in New Video

Nintendo has released a new video, showing off the Super Mario Odyssey co-op. We get to see how having two players can affect the gameplay. Player two takes control over Cappy and interacts with the environment freely. There’s a lot for the second player to do, such as stunning enemies, clearing up environmental hazards, pick up coins and other items, etc.

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Super Mario Odyssey Co-Op Detailed in New Video
Super Mario Odyssey Co-Op Detailed in New Video

We’re inching closer and closer to the launch of the new Mario game. This is the legendary plumber’s debut on the Switch, so Nintendo is doing everything it can to promote it. Among other things, they’ve released a new Nintendo Minute episode on their YouTube channel. The video is all about how the Super Mario Odyssey co-op Mode works. It seems like it’s gonna be pretty fun for both players. So, worry not, your younger sibling will have something interesting to do.

In Super Mario Odyssey, the co-op is pretty straightforward. While player one controls Mario, player two is in charge of the hat, Cappy. Conceptually, it doesn’t seem that different from how it worked in Super Mario Galaxy. However, player two will have much more influence on the game. They’ll still be able to hit enemies, and pick up items, of course. However, they’ll also be able to interact with the game much more. For example, they can help Mario jump higher and remove various hazards from the level. Because Cappy really has a mind of its own in this mode, player two can move around the level completely freely. That goes even if Mario is currently possessing something.

Super Mario Odyssey is coming out on Friday, October 27th, for the Nintendo Switch. If you want to check out how co-op in Super Mario Odyssey works in action, you can check out the video below.

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