Pokemon GO Dusclops & Banette Spawn Rates Drop During the Day

Dusclops and Banette are Generation 3 Pokemon that have been added to Pokemon GO recently. They’re both Ghost-type Pokemon, seeing how they’ve arrived to the game during the Halloween event. That being said, it appears that their spawn rates can vary dramatically, depending on the time of day.

Pokemon GO Dusclops & Banette Spawn Rates Drop During the Day
Pokemon GO Dusclops & Banette Spawn Rates Drop During the Day

The Pokemon GO Halloween event is in full swing, and with it came a select few Generation 3 Pokemon. In the spirit of the season, they’re Ghost-type Pokemon. Among them, trainers can bump into Banette and Dusclops. Players have been out trying to find these Pokemon, but they’ve been noticing a certain trend. Keeping with the theme, the spawns of these Pokemon drop drastically during daytime. So much so, that in certain parts of the world, they disappear pretty much completely around 9 or 10 AM.

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Reddit user element3501, who is from Hong Kong, has reported that Banette and Dusclops completely disappear in the morning. At least, according to local trackers. They the return at about 8 PM. However, players from the west and south of the US say that the spawns don’t completely stop; they just become ultra rare. Their trackers show that the two Pokemon become rarer than the likes of Dragonite and Tyranitar. So, you can catch Banette and Dusclops even during the day; it just becomes much more difficult.

That being said, a player from Eastern Europe going by the name CarpeNoctu reported that there’s been no drop in spawns in his city. Apparently, they can catch these ghost Pokemon all day long. So, trainers it appears that your mileage may vary dramatically. If all of these reports are correct, the spawns might vary dramatically depending on your location, not just the time of day. Either way, you can still enjoy catching the new Pokemon, double Candy, and other stuff from the Pokemon GO Halloween event.

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