Super Mario Odyssey Coin Farming - How to Get Gold Coins Fast

Gold coins are the main currency in Super Mario Odyssey. You’ll collect them as you play the game, using them to buy different costumes from the shop. Some of them are pricey, like the skeleton outfit, which costs 9999 coins. Once you’ve beaten the game, you’ll also be able to use them to purchase Power Moons. If you hate yourself and don’t want to have fun, you can farm these coins, then purchase moons instead of collecting the ones strewn across the world. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get gold coins fast in Super Mario Odyssey.

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super mario odyssey coin farming how to get gold coins fast
Super Mario Odyssey Coin Farming – How to Get Gold Coins Fast

Gold coin farming methods

One of the best options is to go to Bowser’s Kingdom, and teleport to the Beneath the Keep checkpoint. Turn around and walk along the rooftop on the right. When you reach the side with the green pipe, jump over the edge. You’ll land on another rooftop, with a seed on one side and a flower pot on the other. Place the seed in the pot, and it’ll grow a stalk – if you grab it, it’ll take you to a secret mini-level.

Once you’re there, possess the rocket flower to dash forward. Jump when you step on the yellow line, and possess other flowers to keep the momentum. You don’t need to touch the analogue stick here – simply press Y and B when necessary. In order to get the last batch of rings (the vertical one), you’ll need to double-tap ZL when you’re above them. Each run will net you around 180 gold coins, and the seed will respawn when you’re done.

Another great way is to replay the Festival in Metro Kingdom. Go into the New Donk City Hall and talk to the guy on the left of the auditorium – the only one facing away from the stage. He’ll let you repeat the festival. There’s a whole lot of coins there – you’ll get around 300 per run. Just make sure you visit the secret moon room in the first upside down room, as it’s filled with cash. Also, it’s better to die right in front of Donkey Kong then finish the section – you’ll lose 10 coins, but restart much faster, while keeping everything you’ve collected.

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